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World of Light: SSBU Adventure Mode Guide

World of Light: SSBU Adventure Mode Guide

Sebastian Quintanilla
18 min

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Learn all the secret os Super Smash Bros Ultimate's world of light, the single-player mode for SSBU.

World of Light Walkthrough

Nintendo designed a Super Smash Bros Ultimate adventure mode, the World of Light, that allows players to unlock fighters and spirits and battle it out in fantastic and unique fights across the world. The perfect cool down to a few intense Elite Smash matches, don't you think? If you want to know more about other game modes within SSBU, make sure to check out our guide on them here!

We don't want to spoil you too much on what goes on in The World of Light lore-wise, though it is a pretty fun story! If you're want to experience all that for yourself first do so and then come back to find all the little things you might have missed! Keep in mind that this handy guide will spoil you on what you can find in each location, what each fight entails, and what the rewards are for each.

For this guide, we have divided each region of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light map into its own section, which you can navigate to with the table of contents above. 

The Light Realm

Starting Area

After the opening cinematic, you will be playing as Kirby, with a choice of three paths. Worth noting that once you've chosen a path, the others will be blocked, but you will be able to unlock the other characters after. Captive Battles are the fights that will unlock new characters for you to play, while Spirit Battles will unlock more power and special bonuses that can be used in the rest of the adventure. Spirit Battles are also trickier than Captive Battles, as they often have hidden mechanics or themes that, once known, can make the fights easier. It's a puzzle game!

Starting Area Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Smoky Progg Support Neutral Mario 1600 The Enemy occasionally turns to metal
Eevee Primary Neutral Yoshi (3) 1400 Only Eevee appears from Poke Balls
Celeste Support Neutral Jigglypuff 3800 Will try to sleep you and avoid other attacks
Guardian Support Neutral R.O.B 3800 The enemy has Super Armor, Stamina Battle
Captive Battles
Mario Neutral Mario 2500 You must fight him to advance
Marth Attack Marth 2500 Choosing this will block the others path
Sheik Shield Sheik 2500 Choosing this will block the others path
Villager Grab Villager 2500 Choosing this will block the others path

Mushroom Platforms

If you chose to take on Marth for your Captive Battle in the starting area, you will unlock the Mushroom Platform area giving you access to Pac-Man and Olimar as your fighter unlock. In this area there are also 10 Skill points, south of the yellow-capped mushroom. There is also 500 Skill points at the north of this region, near the cliffs.

Mushroom Platforms Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Charlotte Aulin Primary Attack Zelda & Ritcher 3700 The Enemy Special moves are stronger
Reyn Primary Grab Ryu 4300 Timed Stamina Battle
Chespin Primary Shield Ivysaur (3) 1500 Only Chespin will emerge from Poke Balls
Don Bongo Primary Shield King Dedede 3900 The enemy is huge with extra speed that lower overtime
Chargin' Chuck Primary Attack Wario (4) 1800
Gryll Primary Grab Jigglypuff 1600 Easily distracted by items
Farfetch'd Support Attack Falco 1800
Brittany Support Shield Olimar 9600 Timed Battle, food items will be pulled towards Olimar
Iridescent Glint Beetle Support Shield Squirtle 4400 Timed Stamina Battle
Master Belch Primary Neutral Wario 4200 Sticky Floor, defense is constantly lowering
Rabbid Kong Primary Attack Donkey Kong 4400 Increased power for certain attacks
Blaze the Kat Support Shield Robin 4100 The floor is lava and enemy explosive attack deal extra damage
Bonus Fruit Support Grab Pac-Man (2) 2100 Timed Battle
Kammy Koopa Primary Attack Bayonetta 2000 The enemy starts with a star rod, after a while everyone is invisible
Gravity Suit Support Shield Samus 3800 High Gravity, but jump height reduced
Charlie Master Neutral Olimar (3) 1200 Slipper Stage
Mite Support Attack Tiny Mr. Game & Watch (9) 1800
Sakura Support Shield Isabelle & Corrin 9100 Defeat Isabelle to win
Captive Battles
Olimar Shield Olimar 3300
Pac-Man Grab Pac-Man 3300

The River Woods

If you chose to take on Sheik for your Captive Battle in the starting area, you will unlock The River Woods area giving you access to Jigglypuff as your fighter unlock. There are two treasures in this area. 10 skill points near the still pond at the north. the other is a music piece in the northeast corner past the Fi fight.

The River Woods Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Metal Sonic Primary Shield Sonic 4600 Timed Stamina Battle
Rabbid Mario Primary Attack Mario 3400
Shinobu Primary Grab Sheik & Mii Swordfighter 1500 The enemy is distracted by items
Balloon Fighter Support Shield Villager (4) 4500 Timed Battle, the enemy has increased jump height
Bord and Cord and Barst Primary Attack Simon (3) 1800
Yellow Wollywog Support Shield King Dedede (3) 3800
Kid Support Attack Mario (4) 2500 High wind speeds
Fi Support Shield Link 9500 The enemy's melee weapons are more powerful and their final smash charges quicker
Heracross Primary Grab Bowser 440 The Enemy has more power at high damage as well as powerful throws and the floor is sticky
Captive Battles
Jigglypuff Shield Jigglypuff 3600

The Raceway

If you chose to take on Villager for your Captive Battle in the starting area, you will unlock the Raceway area giving you access to Captain Falcon as your fighter unlock. There is only one treasure in this area, 10 Skill points near the bridge on the other side of the raceway.

The Raceway Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Tron Bonne Primary Grab Bowser Jr. & R.O.B (2) 3600
Octoling Primary Shield Inkling (4) 4000 Stamina Battle
Juri Support Attack Bayonetta 3800 Stamina Battle, Jump Height lowered
Bio Rex Primary Attack Wolf 1900 The Enemy becomes more powerful with food
Weezing Support Grab Wario 220 A poisonous fog covers the stage
Nico Fire Primary Shield Ness, Fox, Sonic 1500 Everyone moves faster and can't stop
Mach Rider Primary Shield Captain Falcon 1700 The Enemy has increased movement speed
Excitebike Support Attack Wario (4) 3800
Gyrowing Support Grab Fox 1900
Mighty Gazelle Primary Shield Mega Man 4100 The floor shocks
Jack Levin Primary Neutral Ken, Wii Fit Trainer (3) 8800 The Enemy will randomly have Final Smash
Captive Battles
Captain Falcon Attack Captain Falcon 3300

The Southern Great Plateau

After playing through the Raceway or the Mushroom Platform you will open access to the Southern Great Plateau. Here you will be able to unlock Link. This is also the region in which you will be able to find the portal to the World Tour zone, just north of the Star Rod fight. The area also has a 500 Skill point treasure located at its most southern location next to the Professor Chops battle.

Southern Great Plateau Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Lilina Primary Attack Roy & Tiny Palutena 3500 The Enemy's explosives are stronger
Snake Man Primary Grab Snake (2) 1900 Stamina Battle
Fiora Support Shield Lucina & Shulk 9300 Player's defenses reduce overtime
Milktank Support Attack Jigglypuff 1700 Some enemy attacks have increased power
Ana Master Neutral Lucina 3300 All melee attacks have increased power
Don Primary Shield Luigi 3200 The stage shakes
Professor Chops Support Grab Donkey Kong 1700 The Enemy can scape from traps
Raphael the Raven Support Shield Huge King Dedede 4000
Fish Primary Grab King Dedede 3900 Timed Battle
Mermaid Support Shield Inkling 1700 The Enemy heals overtime
Star Rod Support Attack Kirby (4) 9200
Captive Battles
Link Shield Link 3300

The Eastern Town

After playing through the Raceway or the River Woods, you will open access to the Eastern Town. Here you will be able to unlock Mii Swordfighter and Isabelle. You can also enter this area through the Cliffside Rapids, north of the River Woods. The area also has a 500 Skill point treasure located in the center of the town.

The Eastern Town Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Dr. Crygor Primary Grab Dr. Mario, Wario, & R.O.B. 3400 Defeat Dr. Mario to win
Mettaur Primary Shield Pac-Man 1800 Stamina Battle
Timmy & Tommy Master Neutral Villager (2) 2600
Yuri Kozukata Support Attack Zelda 9200
Annie Support Shield Peach 3600
Baxter & Forthington Support Grab Duck Hunt & Incineroar 1500
Digby Primary Neutral Isabelle 3900 The Enemy has increased power early on
Teddy Primary Attack Little Mac 3600 The Enemy melee has extra damage
Captive Battles
Mii Swordfighter Shield Mii Swordfighter 3300
Isabelle Grab Isabelle 3900

World Tour

After playing through the Southern Great Plateau, you will open access to the World Tour. Here you will be able to unlock Ryu. For all the matches in this area, except the captive battle, you and your opponent will have reduced jump height. They are also can reflect projectiles, have increased power for their specials move, and to top it all off its a Stamina Battle. 

World Tour Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Chun-Li Support Shield Zero Suit Samus 3600
Blanka Primary Shield Donkey Kong 3700
Zangief Master Neutral Incineroar 6900
Balrog Support Attack Little Mac 9100
Vega Primary Attack Meta Knight 9100
Sagat Primary Shield Ryu 9300
M. Bison Primary Grab Ganondorf 13600
Captive Battles
Ryu Attack Ryu 9000

The Ribbon Road

After playing through the River Woods, you will open access to Ribbon Road. Here you will be able to unlock Yoshi and Dr. Mario. You can also enter this area through Lumiose City, The heart Pool Mountain, or the Cliffside Rapids. The area also has a floral hat cosmetic for the Miis located in its northernmost point, right after the Spirit Battle with Ana.

Ribbon Road Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Perry Support Shield Peach 1800 The Enemy falls slowly and has increased special power.
Bewear Primary Attack Donkey Kong 3500 The Enemy has super Armor, only Bewear spawns from pokeballs
Elline Support Shield Tiny PAlutena 3800
Joan Support Attack Peach & Villager 3800
Dreambert Primary Shield Luigi 2300
Honey Queen Master Neutral Giant Pikachu 3300
Yarn Yoshi Shield Mii Swordfighter 3300
Nick Primary Neutral Captain Flacon 1500
Marin Support Defense Zelda & Link 4600 Timed Battle
Slowpoke Master Neutral Luigi 3300 Left and Right controls are reversed
Ana Support Grab Villager & Ness 9200 Stamina Battle, The Enemy heals overtime.
Tingle Support Grab Young link & Villager (3) 9000 Defeat the main villager to win
Murch Support Attack Bowser jr. 3700
Captive Battles
Yoshi Grab Yoshi 3600
Dr. Mario Shield Dr. Mario 3900

The Cliffside Rapids

After playing through the Eastern Town, or The Ribbon Road you will open access to the Cliffside Rapids. Here you will be able to unlock Pikachu and Lucario. In this area you will also find the entry to the Molten Castle dungeon and two treasures: Ten skill points and Gyrados.

Cliffside Rapids Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Dive Man Support shield Mega Man (2) 1600 Stamina Battle
Cupid Support Shield Pit (4) 2000
Kapp'n Support Grab Iggy Koppa 9600
Darunia Master Neutral Donkey Kong & Jigglypuff (8) 1400 Flor is lava, defeat Donkey Kong to win.
Snorlax Support Shield Giant King K Rool 4500 Timed Stanima Battle
Silver the Hedgehog Support Attack Sonic 3600
Plessie Support Grab Giant Yoshi 2100
Esna Support Shield Mewtwo 9200 Player takes damage overtime
Lloid Primary Shield Villager (2) & Isabelle (2) 1600
Merric Support Grab Robin 1700 Some of the Enemy's attacks have increased power
Pico Primary Shield Browser 3500
King Bulbin & Lord Bulbo Primary Attack Wario 2000
Captive Battles
Pikachu Attack Pikachu 3300
Lucario Shield Lucario 3300

The Molten Fortress

After completing the Cliffside Rapids you will have access to The Molten Fortress. You will need to work your way through this dungeon to weaken Galeem. Two treasures are available here, Melty Monster music and a pack of two large snacks before the final two battles.

The Molten Fortress Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Mechakoopa Support Grab Tiny Bowser (4) 3800
Juste Belmont Primary Attack Ritcher 4200 The enemy has increased speed and the floor is lava.
Leif Primary Attack Roy 9300 The Enemy heals overtime
Shadow Man Support Shield Greninja (3) 3500 Stamina Battle
Ho-oh Support Neutral Charizard 13900 Fire and explosives are ineffective
Twinbellows Support Attack Giant Duck Hunt 4100
Kamek Primary Grab Inkling (4) 3300
Groudon Primary Attack Giant Bowser 4700 The floor is lava
Aisya Primary Shield Lucina 2500
Lyon Primary Grab Giant Robin & Giant Ridley 3700
Giga Bowser Giga Bowser Boss battle
Captive Battles
Peach Grab Peach 7500

The Military Base

after going through the Mushroom Platforms you will be able to enter the Military Base. You can also enter this area if you go through Kongo Jungle. This area's captive battle is Mega Man. After completing this area, you will also have access to the Base dungeon.

The Military Base Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Strangelove Support Grab Bayonetta & R.O.B 1600 Defeat Bayonetta to win.
Roll Caskett Support Shield Isabelle & Diddy Kong 3700
Ricky Support Attack Little Mac 1800 The Enemy has increased jump power.
Andy Primary Attack Dr Mario & Snake (8) 3400 Defeat all the Snakes to win.
Sigma Primary Attack Ganondorf 9500 Stamina Battle
Captive Battles
Mega Man Shield Mega Man 7500

The Base

Once the Military Base is cleared, you can access the Base, a labyrinthian set of corridors with numbered doors. At the end of it a fight with Galleom. This is another dungeon you will need to pass in order to defeat Galeem. You can also unlock Snake here.

The Base Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Primid Primary Neutral Game & Wach (8) 1800
Parasite Queen Support Attack Giant Ridley 4000 The Enemy has more attack power
9-Volt & 18-Volt Support Shield Incineroar & Villager 9000
ROB 64 Support Shield R.O.B, Fox, & Falco 3300 Stamina Battle, Defeat R.O.B to win
Dr.Wily Support Attack Dr. Mario & Mega Man (8) 12600 Stamina Battle, each KO will spawn new enemies
Porygon Primary Shield Little Mac 1700
Bomb Man Support Grab Young Link (2) 3500 Stamina Battle
Duon Primary Attack Giant Ice Climbers 4100 Stamina Battle
Revolver Ocelot Primary Grab Fox 4300
Metal Gear REX Primary Shield R.O.B (2) 9500 Stamina Battle
Galleom Galleom Boss Battle
Captive Battles
Snake Grab Snake 9000

The Kongo Jungle

After passing through the Mushroom Platforms or the Military Base you will be able to enter the Kongo Jungle. This place is also accessible through Lumiose City. The area's captive fighter is Donkey Kong and holds two treasures. Wrinkly Kong, in the small pond due west after poppy Bros Jr. and a music unlock, Jungle Level - Tribal Style.

The Kongo Jungle Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Ellie Support Shield Squirtle (4) 2100
Leif Support Attack Diddy Kong 3500
Deku Link Primary Grab Diddy Kong 3700
Kalypso Support Shield Bowser Jr. (4) 1800
Beedle Master Neutral Shulk & Toon Link 2600
Red Pikmin Support Attack Tiny Incineroar (11) 3900 Stamina Battle
The Boss Primary Grab Zero Suit Samus 13900 The floor is poison, Timed stamina Battle
Slash Man Primary Attack Mega Man (3) 2100 Stamina Battle, the floor is sticky.
Squitter Support Grab Diddy Kong 3600 Movement speed is lower.
Poppy Bros Jr. Primary Grab Young Link (2) 1500
ChuChu Support Shield Jigglypuff 2400 The floor is Sticky
Rayman Primary Neutral Sonic 9100 Stamina Battle
Morag Primary Attack Lucina & PAlutena 2400 The floor is lava, defeat Lucina to win.
Muddy Mole Support Grab Donkey Kong 1700
Venasaur Primary Shield Huge Ivysaur 4500 the floor is poison
Top Man Support Grab Mega Man (4) 1700 Stamina Battle
Mio and Mayu Amakura Support Shield Daisy & Peach 4300 Timed Battle
Specter Knight Primary Attack Richter 3900 The Enemy has increased movement speed
Cap'n Cuttlefish Master Neutral Mii Brawler 3300 The Enemy has increased movement speed
Captive Battles
Donkey Kong Grab Donkey Kong 3300

Lumiose City

Past the Ribbon Road and Kongo Jungle is Lumiose City. Home of Wii fit Trainer and Little Mac. A 500 SP treasure can be found on the back alleys north of the city. This location can also be accessed by Console City to the south.

Lumiose City Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Piston Hondo Support Attack Huge Little Mac 2000 Stamina Battle
The Chorus Kids Primary Grab Huge Jigglypuff (3) 9100
Pocket Football Player Support Shield Tiny Villager (11) 3900 Defeat all to win
Latios & Latias Support Shield Charizard (2) 9100 Only Latios & Latias will come out of Poke Balls
Crusty Sean Support Grab Inkling 3600
Roy Campbell Support Attack Snake 3700 After some time the enemy becomes more powerful
Jeff Support Shield Inkling (3) 13200
Model X Primary Grab Mega Man x4 1700
Monita Support Neutral R.O.B 3600 Everyone takes sudden damage
Will Balance Board Master Neutral Wii Fit Trainer 3300 Increased movement speed
Dan Primary Neutral Ken 1600 Stamina Battle, everyone has reduced power
Harriet Support Attack Isabelle 3700
Spring Man Primary Neutral Mii Brawler 9300 The Enemy has increased power
Psyduck Support Grab Squirtle 1800 The screen will flip after some time
Mr. Sandman Primary attack Donkey Kong 9700 Stamina Battle, the floor causes sleep
Captive Battles
Wii Fit Trainer Shield Wii Fit Trainer 3300
Little Mac Attack Little Mac 3300

Console City

The big metropolitan area of Console City is accessible from Lumiose City, River Woods, Kongo Jungle, and Mushroom Platforms. The area houses Inkling and two chests with 20 Skill points and a Mii headgear.

Console City Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Roger the Potted Ghost Support Shield Huge Wii Fit Trainer & Meta Knight (2) 4400 Stamina Battle, defeat Wii Fit Trainer to win
Yama Support Attack Luigi, Villager (2) 2000
Bomberman Primary Grab Toon Link 9700
Doc Louis Master Neutral Little Mac 3300 Stamina Battle, The Enemy has increased stats after some time
Tsubasa Oribe Primary Shield Inkling 1600
Oil Panic Support Shield Mr. Game & Watch 3900 Stage is slippery
Tractor Trailer Support Attack Bowser jr.  1900
Kapp'n Support Grab Luigi 3600 Stamina Battle
Kyle Hyde Primary Shield Snake 4100
Twintelle SupportGrab Bayonetta 3700
Infinite Primary Attack Sonic 4400 Stamina Battle, the screen will flip after some time
Sebastian Tute Support Grab Mii Swordfighters, Brawler, and Gunner 8900 Defeat Mii swordfighter to win
Deep Breathing Support Shield Wii Fit Trainer (4) 9700 Timed Battle, enemy heals overtime
Detective Pikachu Support Neutral Pikachu (4) 4100 Timed Battle
Pauline Support Shield Peach, Donkey Kong, Mario 13700 Defeat Peach to win
Captive Battles
Inkling Attack Inkling 3300

The Poison Woods

If you have completed Kongo Jungle or Lumiose City, you will have access to the Poison Woods. Worth noting that from here, you can also come and go to the Northwestern Town, Heart Pool Mountain, and the Frozen Mountain. This area will allow you to unlock Duck Hunt and give you access to the Power Plant dungeon. There is also a wealth of treasures to be found here. 5000, 1000, and 10 Skill points scattered across the area along with three medium snacks, Nihilego, and Dixie Kong's hat for Miis. 

The Poison Wood Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Wiggler Support Attack Yoshi 1600
Tiki Tak Tribe Primary Neutral Diddy Kong (4) 1700
Toadette Master Neutral Villager & Mii Brawler 2600
Shedinja Support Shield Game & Watch 4000 Stamina Battle
Hajimari no Mori Support Shield Villager & Ness 2300 The stage is covered by fog
Duster Primary Attack Luigi 2500
Kaepora Gaebora Support Grab Young Link 3700 The screen flips after some time
Soren Support Shield Robin & Ike 1800 Magic and PSI attacks have increased power
Mallo Primary Grab Jigglypuff 9100
Snitchbug Support Grab Pit (4) 1900
Cyrus & Reese Support Shield Ice Climbers 9400
Xerneas Primary Shield Lucario 9400 The player constantly takes minor damage
Viridi Support Attack Mii Swordfighter & Kirby 13700 Timed Battle, defeat Mii Swordfighter to win
Ashley Robbins Support Attack Isabelle & Villager 3700
Captive Battles
Duck Hunt Grab Duck Hunt 3300

The Power Plant

Beneath the Poison Woods lies the Power Plant. Turned off when you first encounter it, after completing the fights and activating all the switches it will turn on again open new areas in the World Of light. The Captive Battle of this area is Pichu, you will also find a few items along the way.

The Power Plant Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Dr. Light Support Shield Dr. Mario & Mega Man 10000 Stamina Battle, defeat Dr. Mario to win
Dedenne Support Attack Pichu 2000 The floor deals electric damage
Elec Man Primary Grab Pikachu 4400 Stamina Battle, the floor deals Electric Damage
Susie Support Shield Isabelle & Meta Knight 3400
Slippy Toad Support Shield Greninja & Fox 9600 Timed Battle, defeat Greninja to win
Victini Support Attack Incineroar 13400
Great Zapfish Support Shield Huge Pikachu 9800 The floor deals electric damage
Captive Battles
Pichu Attack Pichu 7500

The Heart Lake Mountain

This area is accessible through three different paths. Lumiose City, Ribbon Road, and the Poison Woods. From here you can also reach the Frozen Mountain later. Fox is the Captive Battle and there is a Mii hat and a musical treasure in the area. One is due south of the heart lake, and the other north needs the woods.

Heart Lake Mountain Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Panther Caroso Pirmary Attack Wolf 1800 The Enemy has increased speed
Nyan Support Shield Palutena & Ganondorf 3400 Defeat Palutena to win
Caroline Support Grab Isabelle & Mii Gunner 1800
Expresso Support Attack Falco 1800 The stage is slippery and the enemy has increased speed
Shy Guy Primary Neutral Mii fighter (3) 1500
Bokoblin Primary Neutral Tiny King K. Rool (4) 1400
Chaotix Primary Grab King K. Rool, Sonic, & Pichu 2900 Can't see the enemy
Buzz Buzz Primary Attack Tiny Game & Watch 2900 Timed Battle
Mario Tennis Aces Support Neutral Peach & Maio 8800
Great Fairy Support Shield Huge Zelda 9500
Captive Battles
Fox Shield Fox 3700

The Northwestern Town

Past the Kongo Jungle and the Poison Woods is the Northwestern Town. This area also opens the path for the Frozen Mountain. Lucas is the Captive Fighter of this area. A couple of snacks can be found after your fight with Brewster.

The Northwestern Town Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Russ Support Grab Fox 1700
Brewster Support Shield Falco, Isabelle, & Villager (2) 8800
Min Min Primary Attack Corrin 9300
Ashnard Support Attack Ganondorf & Charizard 3600 Stamina Battle
Ashley Support Neutral Ridley & Mii Swordfighter 13700 Controls will suddenly flip
Gengar Support Grab Donkey Kong 4300 The floor provokes sleep
Rover Support Shield Sheik & Villager (2) 8800
Cooper & Booker Master Neutral Duck Hunt (2) 2600
Captive Battles
Lucas Shield Lucas 6600

The Frozen Mountain

After passing through the Northwestern Town and the Heart Lake Mountain you will find the Frozen Mountain. As you might have expected, the Ice Climbers can be found in this area, as well as 3000 SP and the entrance to the Temple of Light.

The Frozen Mountain Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Freezie Support Grab Ice Climbers 1600
Akari Hayami Support Shield Wii Fit Trainer 1800
Absol Primary attack Wolf 2000
Condor Support Neutral Ridley & Ice Climbers 4500 Timed Stamina Battle, Defeat Ridley to win
Rock Mario Support Shield Jigglypuff 4200
Metal Gear Ray Primary Grab Greninja 4200 Stamina Battle
Polar Bear Support Attack Donkey Kong 9300 Stamina Battle
Captive Battles
Ice Climbers Grab Ice Climbers 7500

The Temple of Light

Well in the middle of the Frozen Mountain lies the Temple of Light. In order to access this area, you will need to have activated the buttons in the Kongo Jungle, Heart Lake Mountain, and Cliffside Rapids. Once completed, you will have access to the East side of the Light Realm as well as the Captive Fighters Simon and Pit.

The Temple of Light Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Nayru Support Shield Zelda (2) 3500
Lon'qu Support Attack Chrom 3700
Culdra Support Neutral Palutena 9022
Affinity Primary Neutral Pit (4) 2000 Stamina Battle
Moblin Primary Neutral King Dedede (4) 1900
Wind Man Support Neutral Mega Gam 2200 Stamina Battle
Cobalion, Terrakion, & Virizion Primary Neutral Lucario, Duck Hunt, Yoshi 9000
Tharja Primary Grab Lucina 4100
Mimicutie Support Shield Zero Suit Samus 1700
Captive Battles
Pit Shield Pit 3300
Simon Grab Simon 7500

Outer Space

Past the Frozen Mountain lies the great Outer Space. On one of the outer edges of the World of Light, you will find Falco here as well as a few snacks. Other than that, there is not much to do here.

Outer Space Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Starship Mario Support Shield Huge Mario 4100 Gravity is reduced
Aparoid Support Neutral Diley 4100
Trace Primary Attack Samus 1900 The Enemy is invisible
Starman Primary Grab Ness 4200 Stamina Battle
Luma Support Shield Kirby (4) 3500
Magolor Primary Attack Robin 9300
Peppy Hare Master Neutral King Dedede, Falco, & Fox 8800 Defeat King Dedede to win
Geno Primary Attack Sheik, Peach, Kirby, Bowser, & Mario 13700 Timed Battle. Defeat Sheik to win
Jody Summer Support Shield Zero Suit Samus & Captain Falcon 9300
Galaxy Man Support Attack R.O.B 2100 Timed Battle
Wolfen Support Neutral Wolf 9200
Captive Battles
Falco Attack Falco 7500

The Pac-Man Maze

Crossing the bridge in the Eastern Town after completing the Temple of Light leads into the Pac-Man Maze. Once inside you will find routes to the Badlands, Beachside Town, and Mountain Falls. Inside the maze Samus and Mr. Game & Watch await.

The PAc-Man Maze Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Sothe Support Grab Sheik 3600
Orbulon Support Attack Mewtwo 3700
Bullet Bill Primary Attack Captain Falcon (4) 1800
ProtoMan.EXE Primary Shield Shulk 9300
Devil Support Shield Ridley, Kirby (2) 3900
Rotom Support Grab Pichu (2) 3800
Sidestepper Support Grab Mii Brawler, Swordfighter, & Gunner 8900
Donkey Kong Jr. Primary Grab Donkey Kong (2) 9000 Defeat the Main DK to win
Eddy Support Shield Squirtle 1600
Bubbles Support Attack Pac-Man 1800
Prince Richard Primary Neutral Young Link 9900
Captive Battles
Mr. Game & Watch Shield Mr. Game & Watch 7500
Samus Shield Samus 7500

The Beachside Town

Through the southern exit of the Pac-Man Maze is the Beachside Town. It leads out towards the Mountain Falls, the Alolan Islands, and DK Island. The Captive fighter in here is Pokemon Trainer.

The Beachside Town Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Grim Leecher Support Grab Meta Knight 1800
Blooper Primary Shield Tiny Inkling (3) 2600 Timed Battle with reduced gravity
Urban Champion Fighter Support Attack Little Mac 2100 Timed Battle
Shine Sprite Support Neutral Rosalina & Kirby (3) 13100
King Hippo Support Shield Huge King K. Rool 9500 Stamina Battle
Ouenadan Cheerleaders Support Grab Isabelle (3) 4000
Lapras Support Shield Ice Climbers 3800
Sheldon Master Neutral Inkling (4) 8000
Medli Support Shield Isabelle & Charizard 9300
Salamence Primary Attack Charizard 4400 Strong Winds
Captive Battles
Pokemon Trainer Attack Pokemon Trainer 7500

DK Island

Tied into the end of the Beachside Town is the DK Island. Your captive fighter for this area is Diddy Kong.

DK Island Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Kritter Primary Grab King K. Rool 1700
Kranky Kong Primary Attack Donkey Kong 9700 The floor sleeps
Zinger Primary Shield Pikachu 1800
Enguarde Primary attack Corrin 3600
Funky Kong Master Neutral Captain Falco, Donkey Kong, & Diddy Kong 9000
Candy Kong Support Shield Bayonetta 3800
Captive Battles
Diddy Kong Grab Diddy Kong 9000

The Alolan Islands

Past the Beachside Town, you can go to the Alolan Islands where one of the dungeons weakens Galeem's shield. the Forest Hills. Inside this area, you will find Mii Gunner and 20 skill points.

The Alolan Islands Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Fishman Support Attack Squirtle 1600 Horizontal controls reverse after a while
Alolan Exeggutor Support Shield Huge Palutena 4300 Timed Stamina Battle
Emperor Bulblax Support Attack Huge King K. Rool 9700 Stamina Battle
Ryota Hayami Support Attack Shulk 1800 Stage is slippery
Shantae Primary Grab Zero Suit Samus 9400
Linebeck Master Neutral Luigi, Toon Link 9000
Old Man Lobber Support Shield Wario (3) 3800
Alfonzo & Engineer Link Support Attack Toon Link & Captain Falco 9300
Tapu Koko Primary Shield Pikachu 9600 Stage electrifies
Rick Support Grab Pikachu & Kirby 4100 Stage is frozen
Captive Battles
Mii Gunner Grab Mii Gunner 7500

The Forest Hill

Within the Alolan Islands is the Forest Hill dungeon. Inside this area, you will be able to unlock Toon Link.

The Forest Hill Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Bronto Burt Support Attack Pit (4) 1800
Tricky Primary Shield Yoshi 1600 The stage shakes sometimes
Garchomp Primary Attack Charizard 3900
Moosh Support Shield Bowser 1900
Moley Support Grab Huge Pikachu 2200
Malia Primary Neutral Palutena & Shulk 4200 The floor inflicts posion
Ramblin'Evil Mushroom Support Grab Ness 1600
Tauros Primary Neutral Bowser 3800
Rambi Primary Attack Donkey Kong 9100
Zelda Support Shield Zelda, Link, Inkling, Donkey Kong, Falco, & Zero Suit Samus 9200 Stamina Battle, defeat all to win
Rathalos Unknown Rathalos Unknown
Captive Battles
Toon Link Attack Toon Link 7500

The Mountain Falls

You can enter the Mountain Falls from either the Beachside Town or the Badlands, but you will need to have found Alfonzo & Engineer in the Alolan Islands before adding past this area. In here you'll find Shulk as well as 5000 skill points.

The Mountain Falls Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Lip Support Grab Mii Swordfighter & Jigglypuff 9200
Alm & Celica Primary Neutral Villager (2) 2500 Timed Battle
Pak E. Derm Support Shield King Dedede 3900 Timed Battle
Viruses Support Attack Kirby (3) 4000 Timed Battle
Riki Master Neutral Bowser Jr. & Shulk 8000 The stage will sometimes shake
Camilla Primary Grab Corrin & Charizard 9700
Captive Battles
Shulk Attack Shulk 8200

The Badlands

The badlands in due north of the Pac-Man-Maze but you will need to unlock the region by completing the Alolan Islands first. No captive fighters in this area, but lots of spirit fights and 5020 skill points spread across the area.

The Badlands Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Dungeon Man Support Grab Huge Luigi 4200 Stamina Battle
Geodude Primary Shield Kirby (4) 1400
Walhart Support Attack Ganondorf 9900 Stamina Battle
Felix Primary Neutral Marth 3500
Kat & Ana Master Neutral Sheik (2) 9000
Phantom Primary Shield Zelda 3800 Enemy is invisible
Mouser Primary Grab Pikachu 2000
Cammy Primary Neutral Sheik 9300 Stamina Battle
Diggernaut Support Attack Huge R.O.B 3900
Eggplant Wizard Support Grab Dark Pit 9300
Nibbles Primary attack Yoshi, Charizard, Ridley, & Bowser 2000 Defeat Yoshi to win
Ryoma Master Neutral Chrom 9500 The floor conducts electricity
Barrel Train Support Shield Donkey & Diddy Kong 3500
Guts Man Primary Grab Huge Mega Man 4500

The Raging Volcano

Past the Badlands is the Raging Volcano, a location that has to be traversed to enter the Floating Islands. You will unlock Zero Suit Samus going through it as well as a couple of large snacks and 20 skill points.

The Raging Volcano Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Zebesian Primary Neutral Dark Samus (4) 3900
Medeus Support Attack Ridley 3600 Stamina Battle
Squawks Support Grab Duck Hunt 4400 Timed Battle and the Stage is covered in fog
Daruk Primary Shield Donkey Kong 4300 Stamina Battle and the stage is Lava
James McCloud Primary Shield Fox 13800
Volcanion Support Grab Bowser 9800 Stamina Battle and the stage is covered in fog
Metroid Support Grab Ridley 9700 The Stage is sticky
Prince Peasley Primary Shield Marth 1600
Captive Battles
Zero Suit Samus Attack Zero Suit Samus 7500

The Floating Islands

Up through the beanstalk found in the Raging Volcano are the Floating Islands. In this area, you will be able to free Ness and grab a couple of snacks as well as open the path to the Gourmet Race.

The Floating Islands Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Wart Primary Grab King K. Rool & Peach 4000 Defeat King K Rool to win, the floor causes sleep
Flying Man Primary attack Mii Brawler (5) & Ness 9100 Stamina Battle Defeat the Mii Brawlers to win
Dyntos Master Neutral King Dedede 7500
Centurion Support Attack Tiny Pit (8) 1700
The Odessey Support Shield Huge Jigglypuff 4400 Timed Battle
Pegasus Sisters Primary Grab Lucina (3) 8900
Revail Support Grab Falco 4400 Stamina Battle
Super Star Support Shield Rosalina 9200
Chao Primary Shield Squirtle (4) 2000
Tiki Primary Neutral Marth 33700
Mallow Support Attack Robin (3) 4100
Spirit who loves Surprises Support Grab Yoshi (4) 2000
Kid Icarus Primary Shield Ridley (3) 3500
Captive Battles
Ness Attack Ness 7500

The Gourmet Race

This zone works a little differently from most others and is unlocked by completing the Floating Islands. For one, it is treated as a way path to collect as much food as possible by the end of the route. Depending on how much food you have collected, you will get a reward, with first-place earning King Dedede, second Chef Kawasaki, and third Waddle Dee. These last two are spirits.

Best Path Broken Down at each stop in the race:

  • left, Left
  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
  • Left, Left, Right Left
  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
  • Right
  • Left

The Gourmet Race Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Waddle Dee Primary Neutral Kirby(4) 3700
Chef Kawasaki Support Grab Pac-Man 9000
Captive Battles
King dedede Attack King Dedede 9000

The Galeem Boss Fight

If you have completed all the previous areas thus far then you will be able to start the fight with Master Hand and Galeem. If not, you need to make sure to finish up the Military Base, Molten Fortress, and Forest Hill before heading here, as each has a shield battery protecting this boss.

Defeating Galeem is not the end though, now we head to the Dark Realm. From there the paths are North, East, and West.

North Dark Realm

Going north when entering the Dark Realm will lead you to a wild landscape that contains a self-contained area within, the Mysterious Dimension. In this area, you will be able to find a handful of medium snacks as well as Rosalina & Luma. As with all the other Dark Realm areas, if you have visited those before and fought the Crazy Hand, it will not appear in this area.

North Dark Realm Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Darknut Primary Shield Link 3800
Axl Support Attack Mega Man (2) 3800 Stamina Battle
Darkrai Support Shield Greninja 9900
Dr. Stewart Master Neutral Dr. Mario 9500 Timed Battle
Tyranitar Primary Shield King K. Rool 3900
Pandora Primary Grab Bowser Jr. 3500 You have a CPU ally
Amy Support Attack Inkling 9400
Judge Support Attack Game & Watch (8) 9400
Frog & Snake Primary Shield Greninja & King K. Rool 3600
MegaMan.EXE Primary Grab Mega Man (3) 13600 Floor is electrified
Pyoro Support Grab Yoshi 3700
Vince Support Shield Mii Swordfighter & Inkling 3500
Karate Joe Primary Attack Ryu 9200
Crazy Hand ??? Crazy Hand Unknown
Captive Battles
Rosalina & Luma Shield Rosalina & Luma 10000

East Dark Realm

Going east when entering the Dark Realm will lead you to an area that leads further down to Dracula's Castle. In this area, you will be able to find a handful of medium snacks, 3020 skill points and Lucina as your captive fighter. As with all the other Dark Realm areas, if you have visited those before and fought the Crazy Hand, it will not appear in this area.

East Dark Realm Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Gomorrah Primary Attack Bayonetta 3200
Gravity Man Master Neutral Dark Samus 7500 Stamina Battle
Crazy Hand ??? Crazy Hand Unknown
Kracko Primary Grab King Dedede & Pikachu (2) 3500 Defeat King Dedede to Win
Wild Gunman Primary Attack Duck Hunt (5) 3400
Three Sacred Treasures Primary Neutral Pit 9600
Loki Support Shield Sheik 9200
Meta-Knights Primary Neutral Meta Knight (4) 8800 Stamina Battle
Ampharos Primary Attack Huge Pichu 4500 Floor is electrified
Omega Ridley Primary Attack Ridley 13900 Stamina Battle
Quick Man Support Grab Mega Man 3700 Stamina Battle
Gray Fox Primary Attack Sheik 9700
Captive Battles
Lucina Attack Lucina 10000

West Dark Realm

Going west when entering the Dark Realm will lead you to an area that leads further down to the Sacred Lands. In this area, you will find Incineroar as your captive fighter. As with all the other Dark Realm areas, if you have visited those before and fought the Crazy Hand, it will not appear in this area.

West Dark Realm Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Chaos Primary GRab Inkling 4200
Gen Primary Neutral Lucario 3600 Stamina Battle
Raikou, Entei & Suicune Primary Shield Greninja, Incineroar, & Pikachu 9900 The floor is lava
Hydreigon Primary Attack Charizard 3600
Caeda Primary Shield Lucina & Marth 13500
Octoling Boy & Girl Primary Attack Inkling (2) 9400
Landmaster Support Neutral Huge R.O.B 400
Mega Man Volnutt Primary Grab Mega Man (3) 9400 Timed Battle
Kraid Master Neutral Huge King K. Rool 10000 Stamina Battle
Yuga Primary Shield Huge Inkling (2) 9600
Crazy Hand ??? Crazy Hand Unknown
Captive Battles
Incineroar Attack Incineroar 12500

The Mysterious Dimension

After travelling the Northside of the Dark Realm you will be able to enter the Mysterious Dimension. Like the other dungeons in the Dark Realm, you will need to finish it to face Dharkon, later on. The way to traverse it is to select a spirit to fight, choose the right one and be rewarded, choose the wrong one and the bonus skill points and snacks will be taken away. By playing through the area you will unlock R.O.B, Greninja, Wolf, Corrin, Ike, Mewtwo, King K. Rool, Meta Knight, & Luigi.

Mysterious Dimension Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Winged Pikmin Support Grab Tiny Jigglypuff (12) 2000 This is the correct choice, timed stamina battle.
Yellow Pikmin Support attack Tiny Pichu (12) 4100 Stamina Battle, the floor is electrified
Purple Pikmin Primary Shield Tiny Donkey Kong (12) 3500 Stamina Battle
Poo Primary Shield Tyu 9400
Redd Support Neutral Fox 3700 This is the correct choice
Maruhige Shop Owner Support Shield Mario 3700 Stamina Battle
Boss Galaga Support Grab Tiny Pac-man (5) 3400
Tora Primary Shield Jigglypuff & Daisy 3400 Stamina Battle
Nago Primary Grab Isabelle 1900
Starlow Support Attack Pac-Man, Luigi, & Mario 3000
Zant Primary Attack Robin 4100 This is the correct choice, Timed Battle
Ghirahim Primary Grab Corrin 8800
Agahnim Primary Shield Robin (2) 3600
Ganondorf Primary Attack Ganondorf 9400 Stamina Battle
Andross Primary Grab Ganondorf 9900 This is the correct choice, Reduced Gravity
Gold Bone Primary Attack Mii Brawler 3800 Reduced Gravity
Adam Malkovich Primary Shield Snake, Zero Suit Samus 1600 Defeat Snake to win
Krystal Primary Neutral Fox & Falco 13100
Raymond Bryce Primary Shield Fox 2300
Lloyd Primary Grab Villager & R.O.B 9200 Stamina Battle, defeat Villager to win
Azura Support Attack Corrin 13500
Off the hook Support Shield Inkling (2) 9700 This is the correct choice
The Three Mage Sisters Support Grab Robin (3) 3600
Reporter & Wrestler Primary Shield Pikachu 4100
Gangster, Lady & Policeman Support Attack Wolf, Peach, & Ike 1700 Defeat Wolf to win
Lissa Support Neutral Isabelle, Robin, Chrom 3300 This is the correct choice
Elincia Primary Shield Palutena 3600
Elise Support Shield Isabelle 9600
Mist Support Grab Zelda & Ike 3500
Regigias Support Attack Huge R.O.B 9600 Stamina Battle
Whispy Woods Primary Shield Kirby (5) 9300 This is the correct choice
Scarfy Primary Shield Kirby (4) 1400
Waddle Doo Primary Attack Kirby (3) 2500 floor is electrified
Bugzzy Support Grab Ridley 3700
Mr. Frosty Support Shield Ice Climbers 2200 Stamina Battle
Trevor C. Belmont Primary Shield Simon, Palutena, & Sheik 13000 This is the correct Choice
Gabriel Belmont Primary Neutral Simon 3800
Nathan Graves Primary Grab Lucas 9600 The floor induces sleep
Risky Boots Support Neutral Daisy 3800
Link Primary Neutral Young Link 13500
Lakitu & Spiny Primary Grab Bowser Jr. & Bowser (8) 3400 This is the correct choice
Pidgit Support Shield Peach 3600
Tabuu Primary Neutral Bayonetta 13900 Stamina Battle
Master Giant Primary Grab Huge Donkey Kong 9900 Stamina Battle
Dark Matter Primary Attack Meta Knight & King Dedede 13500 Stamina Battle
Prophet Primary Shield Bayonetta 3800
Medusa Primary Attack Huge Palutena 4600 Stamina Battle
Ancient Minister Primary Neutral R.O.B (4) 9000
Marx ??? Marx Unknown Boss Battle
Captive Battles
R.O.B Shield R.O.B 10500
Greninja Shield Greninja 10600
Wolf Attack Wolf 11800
Corrin Shield Corrin 10700
Ike Attack Ike 11200
MewTwo Grab Mewtwo 12000
King K. Rool Attack King K. Rool 10600
Meta Knight Attack Meta Knight 11800
Luigi Grab Luigi 10600

Dracula's Castle

Completing the east side of the Dark Realm will lead you to Dracula's Castle, like the other dungeons in the Dark Realm, you need to complete it in order to then fight off Dharkon. To navigate the Castle you will need to pull various levers to open new paths. Here you will also have access to seven captive fighters: Richter, Daisy, Wario, Ridley, Ken, Dark Pit, & Robin.

Dracula's Castle Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
ReDead Primary Grab Mewtwo (4) 2100 Stamina Battle
Hounddoom Primary Attack Wolf 4100
Knight Man Primary Shield Simon 2500 Stamina Battle
Dry Bowser Primary Shield Bowser 13500 The Floor is lava
Reaper & Reapette Support Grab Ganondorf (9) 8900 Defeat the main Ganondorft to win
Inspired Primary Grab Mewtwo (4) 1900
Skull Man Primary Shield Samus 3900 Stamina Battle
Mummy Primary Grab Sheik (2) 3600 Stamina Battle
Zora Support Shield Greninja 1800
Allen Primary Neutral Shulk, King K. Rool, & Ridley 3500 Defeat Shulk to win
Knuckle Joe Primary Attack Ryu 9100
Maria Renard Primary Grab Zelda, Falco, Charizard, & Incineroar 3700
The Creature & The Flea Man Support Shield Huge Mii Brawler, Diddy Kong
Akuma Primary Attack Ryu 13700 Stamina Battle
Hugh Balwin Primary Attack Marth 2000
Calista Primary Grab Lucina & Simon 3700
Draug Primary Shield King K. Rool 2400 Stamina Battle
Boo Primary Neutral Kirby 1800
Death Support Attack Robin 9400
Leon Belmont Primary Grab Richter 3800
Happy Mask Salesman Support Shield Young Link 4300 Timed Battle
Werewolf Support Attack Wolf 3600
Alucard Primary Shield Simon 13500
Dracula ??? Dracula Unknown
Captive Battles
Daisy Attack Daisy 10600
Wario Attack Wario 10100
Ridley Attack Ridley 10600
Ken Neutral Ken 10600
Dark Pit Shield Dark Pit 11200
Robin Grab Robin 10700
Richter Grab Richter 11800 You need to first find and destroy 11 phantoms around the area

The Sacred Lands

Going west in the Dark World will eventually unlock this area. In here you will need to find clues in each of the sectors to clear up the north side of the dungeon and defeat the boss. Each of the owl statues carries a message, here they are in order and what they mean:

  1. "I am the one who speaks the truth." - The Owls statues will guide you with clues.
  2. "The sword that seals the darkness can cleave this gloom." - The Master Sword can disperse the fog in the north.
  3. "Wisdom and Courage will be your allies." - You will need to unlock Zelda and Young Link to get the Master Sword.
  4. "Courage lies within the hopeful girl who waits for her friend." - You need to find Saria to get to Young Link.
  5. "East, South, and then continue South. The invisible path calls for you." - Part 1, continue clearing the forest for the next one.
  6. "North, West, North, then continue North. Dive in with Courage." - Part 2, combine the two and you will find Saria.
  7. "Wisdom lies with the royal family's guardian, trapped in time." - You need Impa to find Zelda.
  8. "The light of the plaza engraves the time." - There are 12 Touches in the plaza, Blue representing hours.
  9. "Torchlight reveals the hour. Create the time I speak." - The other 12, in red, represent minutes.
  10. "12:10." - Put in this time in the plaza and Impa will appear.
  11. "There is one who awaits the arrival of a hero." - You also need Ganondorf.
  12. "Ascend the path of wisdom to face challenges." - Take either the Left or Right path up. The left path unlocks Bowser Jr. But is harder.
  13. "04:40" - Back in the plaza, this will unlock Wii Brawler.

In this area you will unlock the following Captive Fighters: Chrom, Young Link, Zelda, Mii Brawler, Sonic, Cloud, Bowser Jr, & Ganondorf. Completing this Dungeon by defeating the final boss, along with the other dungeon's final bosses, will unlock the fight with Dharkon.

Sacred Lands Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
The Imprisoned Primary Shield Huge King K. Rool 4600 Timed Stamina Battle
Navarre Support Attack Marth 3700 Stamina Battle
Calamity Ganon Primary Attack Huge Ganondorf 13900
Metagross Primary Shield R.O.B 4400 Stamina Battle
Frey & Freya Primary Attack Link & Robin 3700 Player character is Huge
Kaitlin & Katie Support Grab Isabelle (2) 4100 The stage is covered in fog
Bulborb Primary Shield Huge Yoshi 4400 Timed Stamina Battle
Mimikyu Support Grab Pikachu 3700
Celebi Support Grab Mewtwo 13600 The stage is covered in Fog
Mr. L Primary Attack Luigi 4300 The stage is covered in Fog
Katrina Support Attack Palutena 3700
Wood Man Primary Shield Mega Man (2) 3700 Stamina Battle
Tiny Kong Support Grab Diddy Kong 9500 Timed Battle
Rex Primary Shield Shulk & Lucina 9900 Stamina Battle and the Floor is Lava
Skull Kid Primary Grab Mii Brawler & Meta Knight (2) 4000 Defeat Mii Brawler to win the stage is covered in fog
Saria Support Shield Isabelle, Young Link 9900 the stage is covered in fog
Matthew Primary Grab Chrom 3600
Malon Support Shield Zelda 3600
Magical Vacation Protagonists Primary Grab Villager (2) 3800
Donbe & Hikari Primary Neutral Young Link, Villager, Diddy Kong, Falco, Duck Hunt 3500 Defeat all to win
Dunban Primary Shield Mii Swordfighter & Shulk 9200 Defeat Mii Swordfighter to win
Impa Primary Shield Sheik 9400
Zael Primary Attack Simon & Lucina 3600
Uxie, Mesprit, & Azelf Primary Grab Tiny Mewtwo (3) 9000
Landia Primary Attack Charizard (5) 3600 Stamina Battle
Jakob Support Grab Sheik 3500
Hilda Primary Shield Zelda & Young Link 9100
Tethu Primary Attack Young Link 3700
Chozo Statue Support Grab Samus 3600
Dragonite Primary Shield Huge Charizard 4000
Urbosa Primary Attack Zero Suit Samus 4400 Stamina Battle, the Floor is electrified
Tac Support Grab Villager (4) 4200 Timed Battle
Camus Primary Shield Marth 9200
Mega Mewtwo Y Primary Grab Mewtwo 9500
MEcha-Fiora Primary Neutral Corrin & Shulk 13200
Akira Primary Attack Ryu 13800 Stamina Battle
T-Rex Primary Attack Huge Yoshi 4400 The floor is Lava
Dark Emperor Primary Shield Huge Ridley 13600
Fortitudo Primary Neutral Huge Charizard 4000 Stamina Battle
Elena Support Shield Palutena 3600
Vaati Primary Grab Ridley 10000
Ganon ??? Ganon Unkown Boss Battle
Captive Battles
Chrom Attack Ganondorf 10600
Young Link Grab Young Link 10300
Zelda Shield Zelda 10100
Mii Brawler Attack Mii Brawler 10000
Sonic Attack Sonic 9800
Cloud Attack Cloud 11200
Bowser Jr. Grab Bowser Jr. 12500
Ganondorf Attack Ganondorf 10700

The Final Battle

Once ascended after defeating Dharkon in the Dark Realm you will have a new portal leading to the final landscape, a battle between both Dharkon and Galeem, each of which has squared up for their fight with various spirits. You may choose to fight only one of these, the light or dark spirits, freeing either the Crazy or Master Hand and reaching one of the endings of the game. But you can also clear out the whole area and open the path to the true ending of the game. In this final area, you will also have the opportunity to unlock Dark Samus, Bayonetta, Roy, and Palutena.

The Final Battles

Name Type Fighter Power Notes
Spirit Battles
Midna Primary Grab Bayonetta 9200
Tetra Primary Shield Toon Link 9800
Little Birdie Support Shield Tiny Ridley 3700
Jeanne Primary Attack Bayonetta 9400 Stamina Battle
Dr. Eggman Primary Grab Bowser Jr & Sonic 13200
Balder Primary Shield Huge Robin 4200 Stamina Battle
Seliph Primary Attack Marth & Ike 3600
Tails Support Grab Fox 9600 Gravity is reduced
Mumkhar Primary Attack Wolf 3800 Stamina Battle
Dark Mind Support Shield Ganondorf 9700
Yarn Poochy Primary Shield Duck Hunt (4) 4600 The floor is lava
X Primary Grab Mega Man 9400 Stamina Battle
General Pepper Support Neutral Fox 3500
Zero Primary Attack Mega Man 3800 Stamina Battle
Nash Support Grab Captain Falcon 3700 Stamina Battle
Thanatos Primary Shield King K. Rool 3800 The Enemy changes from Huge to Tiny and Back
Magnus Primary Attack Ike 4300
Isaac Primary Grab Mii Swordfighter, Palutena, Robin & Roy 8900
Rouge the Bat Support Grab Fox 3700
Mother Brain Primary Shield Dark Samus 9300
Kaptain K. Rool Primary Attack King K. Rool 13500 Stamina Battle
Guile Primary Shield Captain Falco 13700 Stamina Battle
Starly Primary Neutral Jigglypuff 3800
Naked Snake Primary Grab Snake (4) 9000 Defeat the main Snake to win
Shanoa Primary Grab Bayonetta 9900
EVE Primary Shield Huge R.O.B 9700 Stamina Battle
Mipha Support Shield Inkling 3900 Stamina Battle
Baby Mario Primary Neutral Tiny Mario, & Yoshi (8) 8800 Defeat Mario to win
Garon Support Attack Ganondorf 9600 Stamina Battle, the floor is poisonous
Octoling Octopus Support Shield Geninja (4) 3900 Timed Battle
Pigma Dengar Support Shield Wario & Wolf 4300 Defeat Wario to win
Young Samus Primary Neutral Zero Suit Samus & Snake 3400
Chibi-Robo Primary Grab tiny Mii Gunner 3500
Giga Mac Primary Attack Huge Little Mac 13900 Stamina Battle
Takumi Primary Grab Pit (2) 9100
Ball Support Grab Game & Watch, Pac-Man, jigglypuff, & Kirby 3900
Madama Butterfly Support Neutral Bayonetta 13900 Stamina Battle, the stage is covered in a poisonous fog
Bowser Primary Grab Bowser 9700 You have to protect Peach
Claus Primary Neutral Lucas (2) 13200
Hinawa Support Attack Zelda & Lucas(2) 13100
Peach Support Grab Peach & Mario 9900 Defeat PEach to win
Arceus Primary Neutral Corrin 13900
Lunala Primary Grab Ridley 9400 Stamina Battle
Fierce Deity Link Primary Attack Huge Link 13900
Solgaleo Primary Attack Incineroar 9400 Stamina Battle
Mythra Support Shield Corrin & Shulk 13500
Captive Battles
Roy Attack Roy 12500
Dark Samus Grab Dark Samus 12500
Bayonetta Shield Bayonetta 12500
Palutena Attack Palutena 12500

The True Final Battle

After all your hard work, there is one more fight left. If you have completed all previous spirit fights then now you have to climb up the stage and face both Dharkon & Galeem one last time. After finishing the climb you will have to clear out all the minibosses from the previous dungeons. It is now that you face the two. You can defeat them in any order you want, but both need to be destroyed for the end cinematic to play and to finally complete the World of Light.

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