Street Fighter V Tier List

Last updated :Mar 13, 2023

Tier List for SF5 characters - who’s the best of them all!Find exclusive below!

SF5 Tier lists by pro players

Tier lists created by pro players exclusively for DashFight.

Tier List Methodology 

We want to give you all the information you need to explore the most fun or just powerful characters that Street Fighter 5 offers, all in this SFV tier list. 

To do so, we compiled the opinions of players, casters, tournaments organizers and the general public's existing SF5 tier list to get a rough idea of where each character sits. Then we looked at the results those characters achieved and by whom in the various competitions worldwide. Looking to measure their level of success in any given space and divvy up the SFV tiers.


For this SF5 tier list, we adopted the consensus of an "S" to "E" ranking. S-tier characters are the agreed-upon best characters at the top level of competition and E-tier characters being mostly useless or otherwise too difficult to master to be worth much effort.

Updating and Maintaining

As mentioned previously, this Street Fighter V tier list will be updated as new characters are added, balance changes come out, and the general impression from players changes. Small changes in the game balance might have a butterfly effect on the ranking as characters' matchup change. That is why we always carefully revise this SFV tier list regularly to ensure it is still at the forefront of competitive developments.