Street Fighter V Tier List

Last update :22 Feb, 2021

Tier List for SF5 characters - who’s the best of them all!

The Street Fighter game series is well known for its extraordinary roster of characters - each with their own personality and unique moveset. SF5 is not an exception! We have many prominent fighters to choose from. On the other hand, this variety may create some problems. Who to choose as your main? Who is your character strong against? In which matches should you be especially cautious? Our Street Fighter V Tier List will help to get answers!

How do we make this SF5 Tier List?

The experience of players is the key power for creating this and other DashFight tier lists. Many esports professionals regularly publish their opinions on the real might of each character in the fights. Many dedicated players take their time to put each character from the Street Fighter 5 game to the categories, from super strong to rather weak. We’ve analyzed this data and combined it with our personal opinion as enthusiastic fighting gamers.

Of course, this SFV Tier List is not perfect - there is no such! Each player has their own opinion, and your personal skills are much more important than any SFV tiers.

How to use this Street Fighter 5 Tier List?

We will be glad if this list could help you to choose your perfect character. But not forget, you should like the guy or the girl regardless of their power - an emotional connection with your fighter will help to train a lot and win many matches.

The tier list may be helpful for your practice. For example, to learn how to beat those impudent opponents who dare to be stronger than your main. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an SF5 character is quite helpful.

Everchanging list

The situation in the game can change drastically. The developers add new fighters and buff / nerf existing. That’s why we check out all the updates and adjust our tier lists accordingly. You always get the freshest info on DashFight!


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