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A cheery-eyed young wrestler, Mka is determined to become the best. Perhaps it was a blessing that she met Zangief in her path to discovering her potential as he was the best help for her to become as strong as she is today.Know more


No one has proved their kung fu is stronger yet

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Mika graduated from junior high school already set on becoming the best wrestler in the world. She took on the name Rainbow Mika and began traveling the globe looking to make her name known.

In her travels, she meets Zangief, who quickly notices her potential and asks her to help him destroy the Psycho Drive and rescue E. Honda in the process. After, she continued to bout on the world stage and came to meet Karin, who offered her a sponsorship after seeing how well she fought.

Now Mika partners with Zangief from time to time while also working on building her network of people to develop her fighting abilities.

First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 3, June 1998


  • Balrog

Allies & Family

  • Zangief