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The King of Fighters XV Tier list

Last updated :Sep 12, 2023

KOFXV Character Tier List - Which characters are the best?Find exclusive below!

What is this Tier List for?

This KOFXV character tier list is intended to give you a clear picture of which characters are the best to win consistently on a professional or casual level . To learn more about each character's abilities and determine whether they will fit your playstyle, we also encourage you to seek for our guides on each.


A fighting game with a strong legacy is what KOFXV is. It combines the opinions of pro players, streamers, casual players, and game connoisseurs, ranking the characters from Overpowered (S) to Weak (D). Player discretion is advised. Therefore, a tier list to guide you on character selection covering a wide gamer skill spectrum is of utmost importance. We have compiled one that would be periodically updated due to DLC characters, patches, and updates.