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The King of Fighters XV


Geese Howard is the overseer of the Howard Connection and a supreme power behind the scenes in South TownKnow more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 8

  • Defense: 8

  • Range: 8

  • Speed: 7

  • Difficulty: 6




Geese is the child of an Austrian terrorist and a poor American woman. Soon after Geese was born in South Town, his father abandoned them. He took on various jobs across the city, working hard for both of them to outdo his father. Despite his attempts, his mother eventually passed away from illness and starvation. Instead of wallowing in melancholy, Geese locates his father in Europe and discovers his real identity is Rudolph Krauser von Stroheim. When he was 15 years old, he attempted to kill him but was effortlessly stopped by his half-brother, Wolfgang Krauser. He made an effort to let his anger go through religion, but he could not get over the humiliation of his defeat.

Geese trained in the Hakkyokuseiken school alongside Jeff Bogard and Cheng Sinzan under the guidance of Tung Fu Rue where he discovered at a young age that strength produces results. The three were previously referred to as the "Three Brothers of Godly Battle" at their peak. But concurrently, he also began to develop his connections with the South Town local mafia through intimidation and handouts. Tung gives Jeff access to the school's secrets after sensing that Geese would not utilize them selflessly, hoping to tame Geese's spirit afterwards. But Geese left the place enraged, ending the school's relations with him.

Geese concentrates his energies on ousting Mr Big, a kingpin, and eventually takes control of the criminal underworld in South Town. He ordered the construction of Geese Tower to serve as his headquarters to keep his business and mafia separate and to have a location where he could adequately train. Over time, he also utilized the tower as one of his primary operational hubs for his company, Howard Connection.

In an ironic turn of events, he crosses up with his estranged son Rock Howard, who is upset with him for failing to assist his wife, Marie, when she was in need. Geese warn Rock about their bloodline's potential consequences.

Geese enters the competition again, accompanied by Billy Kane and the rowdy Ryuji Yamazaki. Geese breaks Hein's cover at the end of the competition, and Hein promptly confronts him. Hein and Yamazaki escaping upset him, stating that wolf hunting was more enjoyable.


Geese is a condescending man who views himself as a mighty warrior and holds great regard for himself. He yearns for power in all forms, from money to immortality. This desire results from numerous traumas in his early life, including losing his mother and growing up estranged as a stepson. As he harbors animosities for Krauser and Jeff, whom he subsequently kills, he may also be exceedingly spiteful. As he harbors hatred for Krauser and Jeff, whom he subsequently kills, he may also be highly spiteful. He may come across as cold-blooded, but he has moral principles that even he will not compromise on; he never underestimates opponents, especially after losing to Terry. He will terminate anyone who gets in his way and reward people he respects, or in Billy's case, people he feels sympathy for.


Geese Howard is a multifaceted character specializing in displacing opponents with strong throws that produce a favorable outcome for setting up another offensive strategy or preparing a defensive tactic.

With these defenses in mind, Geese may also successfully create these circumstances with his fireballs by controlling a particular area of the ground to force the enemy to move. He has a good number of close-range combo routes that, when used up, may do a lot of damage. As a result, the player can employ a devastating play style if they know how to read the target's moves carefully.


Geese is tall with a well-built frame, has short blonde hair brushed backwards and wears a business suit with a tie and matching leather shoes.

Key Information:

Age: January 21, 1953 (43 years)

Height: 183cm

Weight: 82kg

Birthplace: South Town USA

Occupation: CEO Howard Connection

Debut: Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, November 19 1991

Availability: DLC (Team Pass 1)

Team South Town

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