Dashfight’s CCPA notice

«CCPA» means the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (Cal. Civ. Code §§ 1798.100 to 1798.199), as amended from time to time, and any related regulations and guidance provided by the California Attorney General pertaining to same.

«Services» means all services DashFight provides you via web-site.

«Personal information»means information that identifies, relates to, describes, is capable of being associated with or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer (user) or household.

«Business/Service provider», «we», «us», «our»means DashFight Inc., mail address 1013 Centre RD STE 403B, Wilmington, DE, USA or something related to DashFight, Inc.

«Consumer» (user) means a natural person who is a California resident, as defined in Section 17014 of Title 18 of the California Code of Regulations, as that section read on September 1, 2017, however identified, including by any unique identifier.

«Web-site»means dashfight.com

1. Personal information we collect:

  • real name and/or alias (account name), Internet Protocol address, e-mail address, social network profiles, photo (userpic);
  • information on a consumer’s interaction with a Website advertisement;
  • geolocation data;
  • information you provide through the chats with DashFight’s Support team in visual, electronic, audio or similar form.

2. Manners of the personal information collecting:

We collect information about you directly through your use of our Website. Information provided by user directly, for example:

  • First name, surname or alias
  • Email address
  • Social network profile
  • Photo (userpic)
  • date of birth
  • sex
  • Steam ID

Information we collect automatically, for example:

  • Language preferences
  • User configuration information
  • IP addresses of registration
  • Date of registration
  • Date of the last connection
  • IP address of the last connection
  • Geolocation data
  • Cookies
  • Support requests
  • Browser information.

We may combine information automatically collected with other information that we have collected about you.

DashFight does not collect, process any biometric/sensitive/professional/financial or employment-related information / non-public education information / inferences drawn from other personal information.

Aggregate information is information that does not identify person of user. Aggregate information may be collected when you visit Web-site. We may collect, use, store, and transfer aggregate information without restriction.

3. Our business purposes why we collect your personal information:

  • to provide, improve, upgrade, maintain and develop our Website, including identify and fix technical bugs;
  • to prevent, detect security incidents, investigate it and protect against fraudulent or illegal activity;
  • to perform Services for users;
  • to maintain user’s accounts;
  • to manage, operate, evaluate, and improve our business activity;
  • to have possibility to reveal the public opinions and/or to make market research;
  • to advertise and market our Web-site, Services, eSports events, content and to determine the effectiveness of such advertising and marketing;
  • to be complied with applicable law, court order, or governmental regulations;
  • to make internal audit and administrative control;
  • other purposes indicated above in this Privacy Policy.

4. Sharing of the personal information

If it is business (operational) need, DashFight can share your personal information only with affiliated legal entities and/or subcontractors (third parties service-providers) that perform some services for us under rules of the CCPA.

5. DashFight’s warranties and guarantees

DashFight shall:

  • only collect, use, retain, or disclose personal information for the business purposes as set forth above in the present CCPA Notice;
  • not retain, use or disclose personal information outside of the direct business relationship between user and us unless and to the extent that such disclosure is made to affiliated legal entities and/or subcontractors for a business purposes;
  • not collect, use, retain, disclose, or otherwise make personal information available or process personal information (or allow any third party to process or access personal information) for DashFight’s own business purposes or in a way that does not comply with the CCPA;
  • not sell or not provide personal information to the third parties for receiving any valuable benefits;
  • limit personal information collection, use, retention, processing and disclosure (including through its service providers, suppliers, contractors or subcontractors) to activities reasonably necessary and proportionate to achieve the business purposes;
  • not engage in any activity that may be considered a sale of personal information pursuant to the CCPA.

Any collected information about a certain person couldn’t be totally liable to be considered it may be used for fully identification purposes.

6. User of our Web-site has the following rights under the CCPA:

  • the right to know which personal information is being collected;
  • the right to know if personal data is being sold or shared, and to whom;
  • the right to object to the sale of personal data;
  • the right to access one's own personal information;
  • the right to equal service and price, even for consumers who exercise their privacy rights (non-discrimination).

7. How you can exercise your rights under the CCPA

Please, submit your request to e-mail:privacy@dashfight.com or physically mail to 1013 Centre RD STE 403B, Wilmington, DE, USA.

Only you as a user or a person that is authorized by user to act on its behalf may make verifiable consumer request related to user’s personal informational. If you are parent or legal representative of a child, you also can make verifiable consumer request on behalf of your minor child.

User has a right to make verifiable consumer requests related to his/her rights under the CCPA twice during a 12-month period. Users should provide sufficient information to ensure us and reasonably verify that his/her request and all collected personal information are truly related to his/her person. Also, user requests should be written clearly and accurate, that we can understand it and respond to it properly.

DashFight shall have 45 days to respond to your request from the receipt of the request. This deadline can be extended if it will exist reasonably necessary and we will inform you about it.