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Tekken 7 Character Roster

It’s wild to think that Tekken 7 has been with us since 2015. The latest entry in the storied franchise was released with all the fanfare that the game of this caliber is entitled to, and it didn’t disappoint.

Gamers from all around the world came together online to enjoy the experience and the only way to enjoy a game is to have a smooth internet connection – like Spectrum Internet. No pauses, lags, or poor-resolution graphics!

As is always the case with the series, Tekken 7 has first arrived on Arcades full two years before the game saw the console and PC release. Even so, everyone’s gaze quickly shifted to it from the previous entry that was Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The seventh mainline game featured improved visuals, and tighter gameplay and controls, thanks to the decision to move from the proprietary engine and make the game on Unreal Engine 4. Initially, the Tekken 7 roster consisted only of 36 fighters – a decent number further boosted by the DLC releases. Now the game has 51 playable characters.

More than half of those were previously featured in the series. Tekken 7 legacy characters include Alisa, Asuka, Bob, Bryan, Devil Jin, Dragunov, Eddy, Feng, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Jin, Kazuya, King, Kuma, Lars, Lee, Leo, Lili, Law, Miguel, Nina, Panda, Paul, Steve, Xiaoyu, and Yoshimitsu. Eliza, technically also a returning character, made her main game debut as a pre-order DLC.

We also got ten new fighters to go alongside the legacy ones. The New Tekken 7 character list features Akuma, Claudio, Gigas, Jack-7, Josie, Katarina, Kazumi, Lucky Chloe, Master Raven, and Shaheen.

One of those newcomers, namely Akuma, might be familiar to many from a different series – Street Fighter. He’s the second-ever guest character in the series after Gon in Tekken 3. Since then, there have been more crossover fighters added with the follow-up DLCs. Tekken 7 guest characters are Geese, Noctis, Negan, and the aforementioned Akuma.

The initial success prompted the developers to start thinking about more DLCs beyond the planned one wave. This gave them the opportunity to bring back some of the crowd favorites and create new striking fighters filling different niches and archetypes. Tekken 7 DLC characters include Anna, Lei, Marduk, Armor King, Julia, Zafina, Ganryu, Leroy, Fahkumram, Lidia, and Kunimitsu.

Overall, it would be fair to say that all Tekken characters are unique or, at the very least, offer something that none other do. This makes the challenging task of selecting the one you want to play somewhat easier. You only have to imagine what kind of fighter you prefer, which martial arts do they practice, and how do they look – and there’s a big chance that Tekken 7 has just the character for you.

This DashFight page is a complete list of all the Tekken 7 characters and their essential traits and abilities. By clicking on any of them, you will be brought into their profile, where you can read their biography, check VODs, read the gameplay guides, or watch our Guides on DashFight's Youtube channel.