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King is popular thanks to his appearance and presence in every Tekken game. The series has two Kings. Both wear a jaguar mask and both are from Mexico. The fighting style of King is defensive with quick attacks and good punishing possibilities.Know more

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The first King was an orphan who fought on the streets for money. Once, he got severe injuries and almost died but catholic monks saved him. That was a life-changing moment - the guy decided to open his orphanage and help children. This idea needed money, so King started participating in professional wrestling tournaments. One of such opportunities to earn was the King of Iron Fist tournament.

During the first event organized by Heihachi Mishima, King met Armor King. First, they were rivals but then became good friends. King was second at the tournament and got enough money to support his orphanage.

But that prize soon was over. More money was needed, but this time King won nothing. After his second King of Iron Fist tournament, this fighter was killed by Ogre. His place in the game was taken by another guy with the same jaguar mask. Some people call him King II, but more often you can see him called just King.

This second King also was an orphan. But he was fortunate enough to get into the orphanage of the first King. The guy lived and worked there until the death of that kind man. Feeling responsible for the others, the future King II took the mask and started to fight at wrestling tournaments. He had no skills to win until he met Armor King and began training under his guidance. Soon, new King was ready to perform at the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Victories there did not bring too much joy. First, the mentor, Iron King, got problems with his weak heart. And then, he was killed in a bar fight by Craig Marduk. King looked for revenge and defeated Marduk during their fight at the tournament. But then, seeing the enemy struggling, King decided to move forward with his life.

King and Marduk met again at the next King of Iron Fist tournament. Marduk wears a black jaguar mask and provokes King to fight. One of the opponents, Julia Chang, tries to reason with King but he was too angry to listen to her. But in the end, when Marduk was defeated again. King offered his friendship and the two fighters worked as a team to defeat their common opponents.

A bit later some guy wearing the mask of Armor King attacked Marduk. Two friends entered the sixth King of Iron Fist tournament to discover who was that man and to punish him. Thus they get acquainted with a brother of Armor King, named Armor King II. The seventh tournament is again a chance to earn money - mostly to rescue Marduk. King tries to make peace between his friend and Armor King II. With an amazing style, King defeats the dangerous robot fighter Jack-7.

First Appearance: Tekken, December 1994


  • Ogre

Allies & Family

  • Armor King
  • Craig Marduk