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Former police officer Bryan Fury. A man whose life has been twisted up for the sake of science that now roams the earth breathing chaos into existence for the sake of fun and to stave off boredom.Know more

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When alive, Bryan was a police officer for an international law enforcement organization. He was killed in a shootout in Hong Kong. His body was then moved to the care of Doctor Abel who reanimates Bryan's body in an attempt to steal secrets from a rival scientist. To do so, Bryan enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Later, Doctor Abel would join the Mishima Zaibatsu corporate empire and leave the experiment that is Bryan behind. Bryan realized that this likely meant that it would not be long until the lack of maintenance to his body would kill him permanently. In a last-ditch attempt, he joined the next King of Iron Fist Tournament to take over the company and thus use his power over Abel to keep him alive. 

Eventually, Bryan would go to Dr. Bosconovitch, Abel's rival requests that he install, upgrade, and maintain his body. Bosconovitch attempted to stabilize Bryan's body as best he could, but given the extreme complexity of the task, he saw to outfit him with a perpetual power generator, as a temporary measure to make sure he would not die. 

Bryan then rampaged Bosconovitch's laboratory and killed several members of the Manji Clan as he escaped the secret base he was in. Once out, he joined the King of Iron Fist Tournament once more to test out his new power.

Yoshimitsu would see to it that Bryan would not be able to truly test the capabilities of his new power. As Bryan became more frustrated with his lack of progress he went off to fight in various conflicts around the world. Eventually when a new King of Iron Fist Tournament was announced he once tried his hand at being the best fighter in the world.

To this day, Bryan continues to lurk among the many conflicts around the world causing as much havoc as he can.

First Apperance: Tekken 3, March 1997


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