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The mysterious leader of the Manji Clan with an ever-changing appearance. Yoshimitsu is a noble ninja who strives to help those in need and restore justice.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Yoshimitsu matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Paul67 %9
King71 %7
Feng57 %7
Xiaoyu40 %5
Eliza40 %5
Jin40 %5
Heihachi50 %4
Bob100 %3
Armor King67 %3
Gigas67 %3

Yoshimitsu matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:



6-3 (67%)

Best vs:



3-0 (100%)

Worst vs:



0-2 (0%)

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Character abilities

  • Evasiveness: 8

  • Combo Damage: 4

  • Mobility: 7

  • Wall Carry: 7

  • Throw Game: 6


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Yoshimitsu is a leader of a thief group known as the Manji Clan. Initially, he only joins the King of Iron Fist tournament to detract attention from Manji Clan's operation to rob Mishima Zaibatsu, but while competing in the tournament, he spots Ganryu. Knowing of his corruption and crimes, Yoshimitsu defeats Gunryu and spreads his ill-gotten gains between the poor people of the surrounding area, one of whom was Marshall Law

Later on, he learns that Dr. Bosconovitch, who developed his artificial arm after the real one was cut off, has been abducted by Kazuya Mishima. Yoshimitsu sets out for the King of Iron Fist tournament once again to rescue his savior. His mission is successful, and the two begin working together with Yoshimitsu assisting the doctor's needs. As Dr. Bosconovitch's health grows poor, he requires the blood of Ogre to survive. Yoshimitsu had to join the King of Iron Fist again and managed to recover the blood samples to save the doctor.

At a later point in time, Yoshimitsu faces another issue. Manji Clan, who has been helping refugees with supplies and shelter, is running out of resources and manpower. Yoshimitsu devises a plan, forming an alliance with Mishima Zaibatsu and utilizing their power to aid the needs of the Manji Clan. Yoshimitsu joints the fourth King of Iron Fist tournament and makes it all the way to Heihachi, offering him to sign the documents that would hand over the control of Mishima Zaibatsu to the Manji Clan. Knowing that Heihachi would refuse for apparent reasons, it all served as a diversion. As Heihachi's men flood the room, Manji Clan helicopter airlifts the money vault out of Mishima Estate while Yoshimitsu swiftly escapes.

During another attempt to rob Mishima Zaibatsu, Yoshimitsu meets injured Bryan and helps him out. This proves to be a fatal mistake later on. A month later, Bryan visits Dr. Bosconovitch's lab, killing many of Yoshimitsu's men. Enraged by this, Yoshimitsu swore revenge and has since pursued Bryan to achieve this goal.


Yoshimitsu's personality is similar to the famous Robin Hood, a noble thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Despite his intimidating appearance, Yoshimitsu has shown himself as a compassionate and graceful fighter.


Yoshimitsu's appearance is different in every Tekken game, but overall follows a motif of a warrior in modified or reimagined samurai armor. With Tekken 7, Yoshimitsu takes on a marine life aesthetic, with two octopus-like tentacles growing out of his helmet that resembles a skull covered with a glass visor. Two more extend from his chest piece towards his back. The armor covering his arms and legs takes a more organic appearance, resembling bones and muscles hidden underneath. At the same time, the usually puffy part of his pants looks stone solid and decorated with glowing blue circuits that match bright dots on his tentacles. 


Yoshimitsu is an incredibly complex character. Befitting a ninja, he has an expansive toolkit with options for every occasion that require a lot of experience and practice to use well due to their unorthodox and risky nature. To be effective, Yoshimitsu players need to have a deep awareness of their character, be creative, and stray from falling to patterns. One of Yoshimitsu's defining tools is his flash, a unique tool that parries any incoming attack and grants Yoshimitsu a launch punish. Such a unique defensive option opens up a whole world of opportunities, from capitalizing on reads and fast reactions to punishing moves that are usually safe. 

Key Information:

Origin: Japan

Age: Unknown

Fighting style: Advanced Manji Ninjutsu

DebutTekken, December 1994

Availability: Base character