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Yoshimitsu is one of those characters who make the Tekken series special. He is an unusual creature with many interesting abilities. It may be difficult to play Yoshimitsu effectively - many of his moves are risky and make the fighter vulnerable.Know more


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Character abilities


Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw Game


The appearance of this guy may be very unusual and even scary, but Yoshimitsu has a kind heart and he is always ready to help others.

Such a kind nature becomes even more surprising considering his role as a thief leader. Yoshimitsu is the head of the Manji Clan ninjas, who want to steal funds from the very first King of Iron Fist tournament. Yoshimitsu acts as a distraction to let his fellows finish the deal. But while preparing for fighting, he demonstrates his unique honesty and generosity. After encountering a corrupt sumo wrestler, named Ganryu, Yoshimitsu steals his money and gives it to poor people. 

The second and third King of Iron Fist tournaments give Yoshimitsu a chance to save Dr. Bosconovitch - it’s a return of a similar favor. First, it was a classic rescue mission. Then, both virtual characters were involved in obtaining Orge’s Blood and testing its effect on a rat, which turned into a monster.

Slowly but steadily, the Manji Clan becomes a big organization that helps people from all over the world - mostly refugees. The ninjas need money for this, and they decide to take them from the wealthiest company, Mishima Zaibatsu. That was a clever plan that became successful thanks to the amazing skills of Yoshimitsu.

The world of Tekken has some very bad people. They turn their backs on Yoshimitsu even despite his life-saving help. Bryan Fury is such a guy. He betrayed the trust and attacked Dr. Bosconovitch. The revenge was fast - Yoshimitsu is a very powerful fighter!

Once, the sword of Yoshimitsu started to lose its power. To get a new and better weapon, this fighter enters the King of Iron Fist tournament again, where he obtains a super-powerful blade. It’s even hard to control this mysterious might. The scary look of Yoshimitsu can be quite annoying. When the guy tries to help Leo and actually saves his life, they can’t become friends - Leo just runs away screaming something about a weird octopus. But still, such situations can’t stop Yoshimitsu from being a very good person.

First Appearance: Tekken, December 1994


  • Ganryu
  • Bryan Fury
  • Kunimitsu

Allies & Family

  • Dr. Bosconovitch