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A charismatic, loveable character at its core, Robert Richards embodies many of the Tekken series's caricaturist attributes. And although he is a relatively recent entry in the roster list, he has proved to be a fun and exciting character in the right hands.Know more


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Character abilities


Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw Game


A prodigy from a young age, Robert, better known as Bob, trained from an early age to be a master martial artist, eventually becoming a respectable combatant. He was a fearsome opponent for much of his life but struggled to overcome the larger fighters that challenged him.

To become a complete fighter, he isolated himself from public life and trained on a peculiar regime. One that would see him gain a lot of weight but maintain his strength and agility. With his newfound power, he joined the King of the Iron Fist tournament.

To this day, Bob continues to travel the world, looking to prove his might.

First Appearance: Tekken 6, November 2007