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Leaving aside the ethical implication of free will as it related to androids and the perhaps even more creepy idea of building one in the image of your dead daughter. Doctor Bosconovitch indeed created a marvel of technology when it comes to Alisa Bosconovitch.Know more


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Character abilities


Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw Game


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Alisa is one of Doctor Bosconovitch's experiments. She is a robot manufactured in a Mishima secret facility deep in a heavy forest area and in the doctor's lost daughter's image. Lars, Alexandersson accidentally woke her up while fighting an attack from the G Corporation. After escaping the research facility, Alisa decides to help Lars fight against Mishima Zaibatsu.

Eventually, they face Jin Kazama, who then orders Alisa to reset, wiping her memory and turning her against Lars. He is forced to defeat her, after which she promptly runs away. Later she comes back to protect Jin once more against Lars. She is stricken down, shutdowns, and later Lars takes her to Lee's laboratory.

After waking up again, she attempts to attack Lee but is promptly defeated by him. After, he starts to explain what has happened since. Later, Alisa reunites with Lars as he comes back to the Violet system laboratory.

First Appearance: Tekken 6, November 2007

Allies & Family

  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Lars Alexandersson, love interest
  • Jin Kazama
  • Doctor Bosconovitch, creator
  • Lee Chaolan