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Tekken 7 Alisa Guide Featuring Fergus

Tekken 7 Alisa Guide Featuring Fergus

7 min
Guide by Fergus

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Destroy Form activated, caution advised

Tekken 7 is the latest game in the globally popular Tekken series. Its titles have been around for almost thirty years, and for the majority of its lifespan, it was an example of what 3D fightings should be. Nowadays, it’s one of the most regarded titles worldwide and is respected by the fans of even the most traditional 2D games.

One of the reasons for such success is the gameplay of Tekken and how many different styles it’s able to incorporate. The characters have become iconic at this point, and every new addition tries to push the envelope even further.

Alisa is a relatively new character to Tekken, making her first appearance in Tekken 6. She is a robot created by Dr. Bosconovitch, with appearance based on his long deceased daughter. However, she is still originally a wepoan commission by the Mishima Zaibatsu. As such, Alisa is equipped with two massive chainsaws that come out in her Destroy Form and powerful jet thrusters on her back, which she uses to close distance and add extra power to her attacks.

Fergus's Alisa Guide

Tap Notation

Hold Notation

Tekken Move










Down & Forward










Down & Back










Up & Back










Up & Forward





No directional inputs





Side Step (Left/Right)





Quarter-circle forward





Quarter-circle back





Half-circle forward





Half-circle back





Counter Hit





While Standing





While Running





Left Punch





Right Punch





Left Kick





Right Kick




Alisa's Best Moves

The Best Buttons are simple inputs that, in many ways, form the identity of the character. They’re likely to be your best tools for grasping any particular fighter.

  • 1 - Every character's jab is good because it's typically your fastest move that's plus on block and either starts pressure, interrupts, or keeps opponents out.
  • 1,2 - Solid i10 string. If you think opponents will try to mash after 1,2, you can sneak in a 1,2,2 extension which is a launcher on a counter-hit.
  • df1 - Your typical i13 mid check. Despite having good extensions, you mainly want to bully opponents with df1 by itself and then go for df1,4 when they start trying to challenge you.
    • df1,4 - A very rare safe mid extension for the df1, which grants a follow-up on CH.
    • df1,1 - High extension, gives a few plus frames on block and allows you to go into Destroy Form with 1+2 extension.
  • df4 - Standard df4 mid poke with decent frame advantage that traps into itself. It has weak tracking but can be a good tool for interrupting your opponents.
  • db3 - One of your main low pokes. It's quick at i16, and even though it's minus on hit, it has some pushback, and you can backdash away from retaliation.
  • 4 - Only slightly slower than your average magic 4 at i13, but it's compensated with a homing property and knockdown on a normal hit. If you think your opponent will try to sidestep or mash at a frame disadvantage, this is the move to use.
  • b1 - Safe mid attack with good tracking that comes out at i15 and gives you +8 on hit. It also leaves Alisa crouching, allowing her to use some strong FC moves.
  • f2 - Another mid with great tracking and transitions into Destroy Form, which is substantial.
    • f2,1 - If opponents try to disrupt your chainsaws, this string will wall splat them.
  • df2 - Safe df2 with tracking in 1 direction. If you think the opponent will press, dash into it, or mistime their offense, it's a good move to throw out.
  • b4,4 - Fast attack with fantastic range. It will be your main whiff punisher and has some use as a combo ender.
  • WR2 - On a normal hit, WR2 will give you a guaranteed f1+2 for 50 damage, and on block, it's a whole +5. As such, you can make opponents block this move and then go into pressure.
  • WR3,4 - Safe mid at only -7 that can complement your WR2 pressure.
  • FC df1+2 - 26 damage +5 low-low string that's only -11 on block, making it hard to punish. To complement this move, you have while standing attacks like WS4 and WS1+2. You can also go for a hop kick out of crouch if you're really feeling yourself.

Destroy Form Stance

Alisa's stance where she extends chainsaws from her arms. You can access this stance manually with d1+2. However, her better transitions are:

  • 1,1 - i10 punish intro Destroy form
  • df1+2
  • f2
  • WS1,2,3 - As a combo ender at the wall.
  • b4,3

In Destroy Form, she has access to:

  • DES d1 - Fairly chunky low that's only -12 on block.
  • DES 1 - Chunky mid that is safe on block
  • DES f1+2 - Another good series of mids that becomes a combo if you use a DES d/f1+2 after hitting it.
  • DES d3 - Great option at the wall.

Out of DES stance, she also can go into the Dual Boot, which has strong low and mid options. The main thing you want to do in DES is to use the low, and if they duck, you go for DES 1 or DES f1+2. If they try to step, you can do DES b2,1 or 1+2, which is a high homing move. If they try to retaliate, you can use d3+4 or u3+4 to evade their attack and punish them with a 1+2 wall bounce follow-up. This stance is essential for your Alisa gameplay, so it's good to know how to transition into it.

Basic Combos

  • df2 > df1,1 > f2 > d4 > 1+2 s! > d3,1
  • uf44 > WS1,2,3 > d4,1+2 s! > d3,1
  • 4 CH > WS1,2,3 > f1 > uf3,2
  • Rage Drive > 3+4 > BOOT 3 > WS1,2,3 > 4 s! > small dash > d3,1
  • df2 > df1,1 > f2 > b2,4 s! > WR3,4 w! > WS1,2,3 > 1+2(delay) to chainsaws

Alisa's Strengths

  • Movement - With great backdashes and sidesteps, Alisa has some of the best movement in the game. It's hard to attack Alisa because she can evade things and get away better than most characters.
  • Safe - Her lows are only slightly unsafe, and her other moves are not that risky either.
  • Space control - Moves like magic 4 allow her to shut down the movement of other characters while moving around herself.

Alisa's Weaknesses

  • Combos - Alisa's combos have a compound issue of low damage and awkward wall carry.
  • Low comeback potential - Alisa's lows are solid but are either slow or don't deal enough damage to present a real threat. She largely has to rely on chainsaws for a comeback.


Alisa is a very solid character with some of the best movement, offering a lot to those who want to focus on fundamentals. If you are more into putting pressure on your opponents, she's great for that too, with lots of room for mind games and creative setups.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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