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Brawlhalla Tier List

Last updated :Nov 15, 2023

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What is this Tier List For?

Picking a new character to main in any fighting game is tough, and it is made worse when a game has a massive roster. Brawlhalla currently has 53 characters in its roster, which is huge, and it makes picking a main character quite tricky. With this Brawlhalla tier list, the idea is to make that choice easier with all the 53 characters ranked for you, making it less stressful to pick a favorite. That said, even if your intended character isn't at the top of the tier, remember that they can win you games with enough practice and skill.


We didn't simply randomly assign tiers for this Brawlhalla character tier list. This tier list is a product of careful analysis of each character's strengths and weaknesses, along with input from the lists of several professional players and fans.  


Our Brawlhalla tiers go from 'S' for the highest to 'D' for the lowest. This is a common practice for most fighters and is a measuring system that you shouldn't have much problem understanding.

Updating and Maintaining

As always, this Brawlhalla legends tier list will be updated as regularly as possible, meaning that as new characters are introduced and the meta changes, we'll also ensure that the tier list reflects the current state of the game.