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During the final battle for the Royal Castle of Batavia, all but one of the knights, Magyar, were destroyed. The power of their souls joined with the survivor, increasing his strength a hundredfold.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Defense: 9

  • Dexterity: 4

  • Speed: 4

  • Strength: 5




The Royal Castle of Batavia is full of mysteries and secrets. One of them was the legend about a hundred elite knights Strazсi who died in the battle with the dragon. Heartbroken by such a loss, the King used the forbidden ancient evil relic to resurrect them and continue to defend the Castle from uninvited enemies. The ritual carried out led to the fact that in each battle, the soul of the slain knight joined the survivor, increasing his strength.

Batavia kept her enemies at bay with such power and won battle after battle. However, each war reduced the number of undead, increasing the power of the remaining Strazci knights.

During the final battle for the Castle, which was attacked by the Order of the Exalted Lion, all but one of the knights, Magyar, were destroyed. The power of their souls joined with the survivor, increasing his strength a hundredfold.

As eyewitnesses wrote, the huge armor, which came to life when they wanted, instilled fear in everyone who dared to visit this cursed place. In addition, sometimes people disappeared in this area and dogs suddenly barked.

Magyar roamed the ruins of the Castle until the real monster hunters with the guns, goggles, and the Spear of Saint Cuthred showed up on the ruins and sent a warrior to Valhalla.

Here, the souls of the fallen knights continue to fight in the Great Tournament but bypass Nix. They also love to sing: Magyar was entrusted with performing the baritone part in the Asgardian Magic Halloween Choir. Rayman and Asuri were discussing the strange nature of Magyar's power of hundreds of souls at dinner one day until Asuri noticed that Rayman had no hands attached to his body at all.


Magyar uses Grapple Hammer and Greatsword as weapons. Hammer is a large rock with a long handle, usually with a blunt and pointed side. The legend uses the blunt side to hit the enemy, and the pointed side — to grab the opponent.

Magyar's playstyle is based on its Defence. It's the first legend in Brawlhalla to have nine points of Defence. Combined with powerful weapons and complex signatures, the hero becomes effective at any distance.

Key Information:

Primary Weapon: Grapple Hammer
Secondary Weapon: Greatsword
Cost in the Store: 5,400
Bot Name: M.A.G.Y.A.R.
Brawlhalla Introduction: January 14, 2021

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