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Here is the Street Fighter V full roster. Sort fighters by name or abilities to find your favorite ones and get to know them better.

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Street Fighter 5 Character Roster

Street Fighter V continues the great tradition of the whole series to experiment with new characters and bring back many beloved personalities. 

The game had a rather rough release - limited single-player modes and only 16 fighters were available. Then Capcom started to improve their product with regular new Seasons. After getting all the updates and improvements of the Champion Edition, SFV has become one of the best Street Fighter games ever. This praise is definitely about well-elaborated fighting mechanics, but also, it’s about the vast SF5 roster, which includes 45 characters after Season 5 is fully released (46 with Eleven). Many of them are familiar to fans (or even to those who have only a slight interest in fighting games). 

Some SFV characters are new to the series: Necalli, Menat, Laura, Kage, G, Falke, F.A.N.G, Eleven, and Rashid. You can enjoy playing many original Street Fighter characters and also heroes of other gaming franchises: Final Fight (Poison, Lucia, Abigail, Cody) and Rival Schools: United by Fate (Akira).

The diversity of Street Fighter 5 characters is pretty impressive. You are free to join the forces of good and fight against the evil plans of Shadaloo. Or you can choose the dark side and play as M. Bison himself or as his mighty supporters. The game has iconic Ryu, who struggles with handling the power of Satsui no Hado. And it has Akuma who allows that energy to flow freely and bring him victories. But maybe you prefer some other shades of the game story? Street Fighter 5 opens a fascinating world with each character!

What about different fighting styles? The game has probably everything for your taste. Short or long attacks, effective projectiles, quick movements, super heavy hits, complicated techniques - the range is huge, so you’ll find a proper “tool” to express your power in the Street Fighter environment.  

On this page of DashFight, you’ll find the complete SFV character list with their general abilities and something from their bio. This info could help you to become better at this legendary game. You might also be interested in how to unlock all Street Fighter characters for Fight Money.