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Blanka (Jimmy) is an excellent example of a Mowgli child who was able to return to civilization. On the one hand, he values family and friendship, and on the other, he attacks enemies with animal fury.Know more


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Blanka was the victim of a plane crash when he was a young child. He found himself in the jungle all alone and spent so many years. As a child, he miraculously managed to survive in the wild. He could hardly find food for himself and ate a lot of harmful plants. No one saw how Blanca suffered from numerous poisonings, and only through trial and error did he understand what was edible and what was not.

A side effect of unhealthy eating habits was that Blanka turned into a green caveman. He forgot his childhood and gradually degraded, turning into an animal. However, Blanka was saved by humans. Returning to civilization, Blanka began to recall his ability to live like an ordinary child.

Blanka managed to retain the ability to be friends, the ability to love and protect his loved ones. At the same time, over the years in the jungle, Blanka has acquired fighting skills in an aggressive wild beast's style. He is terrifying in anger but gentle and friendly, if not angry..

First Appearance: Street Fighter II, March 1991


  • Balrog
  • M. Bison

Allies & Family

  • Sakura, friend
  • Dan Hibiki, friend