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Ibuki is a hotheaded ninja, not many of those in the world. She was raised to be a deadly assassin and bring honor to her clan. But she is a little bit more interested in bringing in handsome men for her to fall in love.Know more


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Born in a hidden ninja village in japan, Ibuki learned the ways of ninjutsu. Wanting to experience the real world, she sneaked out of the summer training camp to compete in one of the Shadaloo Intimidation Network (S.I.N) tournaments. However, this stunt has her reprimanded by the camp's tutors.

Later, Sakura, a friend she met during her previous escapade, tells her Karin Kanzuki had invited her to a Kanzuki Estate party. The invitation was mostly to establish possible business ties between the Kanzuki estate and Ibuki's clan.

Her clan then sent her to find a series of documents from the Gill organization for information on the so-called "G-Files" project, which led to the creation of Necro.

First Appearance: Street Fighter III: New Generation, February 1997


  • Oro
  • Elena
  • Makoto, Guy

Allies & Family

  • Sakura