Happy Women's Day, beauties of Street Fighter

Ilya Kravtsov
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Happy Women's Day, beauties of Street Fighter
You are amazing!

International Women's Day has been celebrated around the world for almost half a century. Without a doubt, women deserve to be honored every day. They give the world beauty, love, honesty, rationality, kindness, care, affection, sophistication, loyalty, modesty, and perfection.

DashFight team congratulates all women in the world on this holiday, one of the best and most necessary among all other holidays ever!

Happy Woman's Day congratulations

Thank you, Cammy, for your confidence!

Thank you, Chun-Li, for your will!

Thank you, Falke, for your wit!

Thank you, Ibuki, for your compassion!

Thank you, Juri, for your empathy!

Thank you, Karin, for your magnetism!

Thank you, Kolin, for your elegance!

Thank you, Laura, for your beauty!

Thank you, Lucia, for your courage!

Thank you, Menat, for your mystery!

Thank you, Poison, for your sensuality!

Thank you, R.Mika, for your dexterity!

Thank you, Sakura, for your kindness!

Thank you, Seth, for your uniqueness!

History of the holiday

It was first celebrated in 1909 in New York, where a celebration was organized to commemorate the anniversary of the so-called "Uprising 20,000", which was organized by the largest women's union in the United States, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU). The attention to it inspired Luise Zietz and Clara Zetkin to hold marches in March, which later became the basis for establishing March 8 as International Women's Day.

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