Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Last updated :Aug 2, 2023

Here is an ever evolving ranking of the best and worst of SF6Find exclusive below!

C Tier

Decent toolkit, but with a few drawbacks

SF6 Tier lists by pro players

Tier lists created by pro players exclusively for DashFight.

Tier List Methodology 

For both competitive and casual play, knowing who are the top characters  and the ones who could use a bit of work is very important. For that reason, we have here the definitive tier list for Street Fighter 6. Our list compiled from our personal opinions coupled with those of the community, casters, TOs, players and everyone linked with the game. We also keep an eye on character performance in tournaments, ease of use, and buffs or nerfs as time goes on. 


For this SF6 tier list, we adopted the consensus of an "S" to "E" ranking. S-tier characters are the agreed-upon best characters at the top level of competition and E-tier characters being mostly useless or otherwise too difficult to master to be worth much effort.

Updating and Maintaining

We are totally committed to keeping this list as up-to-date as possible to ensure that you have the most recent information regarding characters and their viability. We will also keep our eyes on patches and the changes they bring to characters some of which can make an 'E' level character an 'S' tier one. Small changes in the game balance could go very far in terms of changing character ability within certain matchups and so on. Therefore, we undertake to ensure that this list is always kept up to provide players with all the information they need regarding characters.