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Last updated :Aug 8, 2023
Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6


Blanka certainly comes from Brazilian jungles, but his story is deeper than just being a feral man. The guy survived a deep transformation and kind of got a new birth. Now, he is super strong, filled with an unstoppable energy. He likes to play with his doll and electrocute his SF6 opponents.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 8

  • Defense: 6

  • Range: 7

  • Complexity: 6

  • Movement: 7


Patch Notes


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A while ago, a plane crashed in the jungles of Brazil. This tragedy is rather a mystery, but the story of one victim is known to the whole world — well, to the fighting games community. His name was Jimmy, and he disappeared after that crash.

After many years, Jimmy’s mother accidentally saw a feral jungle man fighting at a martial art tournament. And she recognized him — by his anklets. It was Blanka.

The appearance of this man sure says he has spent lots of time in the wilderness. Perhaps, some jungle plants have changed his organism deeply, which allowed Blanka to survive in the harsh environment.

Blanka returned to civilization accidentally after sneaking into a track with melons. Then, he met Dan Hibiki and other prominent personalities. His first adventure with them was battling the evil forces of M. Bison. This gave Blanka a taste for fighting in general, and he started proving his mettle at various tournaments. One of them helped Blanka return to his mother. And also, it was a way for him to gain people’s respect and find his proper place in society.

Life among people opened new interests for the former wild man. He fell in love with a toy of himself, Blanka-chan. And he started selling it — with no big success at first. Laura recommended Blanka move his business to Japan, where an accident with an arcade machine and a short conflict with Sakura made Blanka-chan really super popular.

The fighting adventures of Blanka continue. He is less wild now and fights without uncontrollable aggression. He’s developed a lighthearted personality and sincerely enjoys his life


Blanka made a long way from being totally wild to developing civilized habits. First, he could not control his emotions and was rather impulsive, even aggressive. Life with other people taught Blanka a lot — and especially with his loving mother. Eventually, the guy became significantly calmer and more open to communication.

In a way, Blanka is very childish. He often behaves like a kid in an adult body.


Years in jungles have changed little Jimmy a lot. His skin is green, and his hair is bright orange. Blanka doesn’t wear too many clothes, as he has just shorts, and an orange neckerchief. Blanka still has those anklets that helped his mother recognize Jimmy,


Quick movement is an important part of Blanka’s playstyle in Street Fighter 6. These unexpected rushes are good for mixing up an opponent. Blanka’s long-range attacks are also pretty effective, so you will have a variety of options in SF6 matches. In addition to quick approaches, Blanka is pretty good at moving back at a safe distance. Using electricity to deal damage makes Blanka pretty special among all Street Fighter characters.

Key Information

Birthdate:  February 12

Birthplace: Brazil

Height: 6'4" / 192 cm

Weight: 216 lbs / 98 kg

Eye Color: Green Blue 

Hair Color: Orange

Fighting Style: Feral movement, electric attacks

Occupation: Tour Guide

Debut Game: Street Fighter II

Availability: Base Game