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DRAGON BALL FighterZ characters

Here is the DRAGON BALL FighterZ full roster. Sort fighters by name or abilities to find your favorite ones and get to know them better.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Roster

Dragon Ball is one of the most enduring anime series ever to have existed. Over the years, people from all walks of life have enjoyed the tale of Goku and his team of friends and family. From the insane power levels to hype battles where the fate of the world was in the balance, Dragon Ball has done it all. 

In the same vein, Dragon Ball FighterZ brings all the hype of the anime to this fighting game, and the roster is a representation of the fact that all the most powerful characters from the Dragon Ball Universe are ready for a brawl.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ character list is fascinating as it is a mix of personalities from the original Dragon Ball Series, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and even a character that not everyone considers canon in Cooler. Apart from that, Dragon Ball FighterZ also has character transformation forms like Goku Super Saiyan, Goku GT, Goku Ultra Instinct, Vegeta SS, and Vegeta SSGSS. That’s not all; the FighterZ character list even has fusion characters like Zamasu (fused with Goku Black), Vegito, Gogeta, Gotenks, and Vegito. Reeling from all that? Well, the fun doesn’t end there, and the DBFZ character list also has the same characters in different eras or ages like Adult and Teen Gohan, or Majin Buu and Kid Buu. 

Make no mistake, all these different forms or ages of characters all come with different playstyles, advantages, and disadvantages. So, simply picking Goku UI and expecting the same style of play with Goku SSGSS is no good. Thankfully, you can always come to this page and check out which characters are best suited for your style, or if you want a pocket pick, you can also get what you are looking for right here. 

DBFZ characters have always been pretty eccentric, and this game makes no attempt to tame it, which adds to the charm of this fighter. The base game comes with 22 characters with 2 more unlockable characters in Goku SSGSS and Vegeta SSGSS. There is also DLC content with about 19 characters, including some fan favorites like Master Roshi, Android 17, and Videl.