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Evil in the flesh, made from the malice of the world which eventually spurt to life in the form of Janemba. Formerly a leader of an organized crime syndicate in Hell, he has reached the world of the living to cleanse the souls of those who live and turn them into monsters.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Power: 9

  • Speed: 8

  • Range: 8

  • Technique: 10

  • Energy: 9

  • Accessibility: 7




A Being Made of Evil

Janemba itself is simply an entity made of evil. The malice of humans concentrated into a single being that desires destruction and the end of all. The physical form of Janemba, at least their most powerful one, is from a Hell Demon and criminal boss. He was specifically made after a young ogre responsible for watching over the Soul Cleansing Machine fell asleep and allowed the machine to become unstable and explode, releasing the evil souls within and turning the teenage ogre into a massive being inhabited by Janemba.

Confrontation With Goku and Vegeta

As it happened, Goku was participating in the Other World Tournament, close to the Soul Cleansing Machine. While fighting Pikkon, they are interrupted by the massive Janemba. Goku, excitedly, goes off to fight the demon while Pikkon stays behind to break the barrier Janemba made. Throughout his fight, Goku needed to unleash his Super Saiyan forms to match the strength of Janemba. He smashed him nearly to a pulp with that power, but all that helped Janemba form a new, stronger body.


Pors & Cons

Most of Janemba's value as a competitive character comes from his zoning abilities, which doesn't follow the common elements already in the game, thus allowing competitors to play around with some interesting results. For starters, his slow tracking Ki Blasts and sword specials can break projectiles. Add in his Dimensional Hole, and there are very few reasons to try to best Janemba at a distance; he is just too powerful. On the other side, he is a very big character on screen, and his hurtbox can prove hard to play around, secondarily the lack of anti-air materials can also limit the control he has of air space.


8-Way directional Inputs:

  • 1 Down Back
  • 2 Down
  • 3 Down Forward
  • 4 Back
  • 5 Standing
  • 6 Forward
  • j Jumps
  • 7 Up Back
  • 8 Up
  • 9 Up Forward

6 Attack Notations:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Special
  • A1 Z Assist 1
  • A2 Z Assist 2

Basic Attacks

  • 5L - Clear-cut jab. 
    • 5LL - Ground bounce on hit and a good hitbox.
    • 5LLL - A short teleport that will switch sides on hit.
  • 5M - A good stagger move and his only safe medium.
  • 5H - Can deflect Ki Blasts, but not incredibly useful.
  • 5S - Pretty involved special that fires Ki Blasts, those can be controlled somewhat, and some of those will allow for ground bounces.
  • 2L - Technically not a low, but great for staggers.
  • 2M - His only low.
  • 2H - Anti-Air, horrible horizontal reach but fantastic vertical reach.
  • 2S - Similar to his 5S but doesn't allow for the first Ki Blast location, and it's in the air.
  • 6M - Great hitbox and, once again, a deflector.
  • j.L - Slow, but good enough to beat super dashes.
  • j.M - Commonly used as a jump-in.
  • j.H - Big hitbox, deflects and halts air momentum.
  • j.S - 5S in the air and halts air momentum.
  • j.2H - Backwards attack, deflects once again.

Special Attacks

  • j.2M - Shadow Kick
  • 236L/M/H - Demonic Blade
  • 214L/M/H - Mystical Arm
  • j.214L/M/H - Hell Gate
  • 236S or 214S - Phantom Shift
  • 22S - Dimensional Hole

Z Assists

  1. Phantom Assault
  2. Demonic Blade
  3. Hellblade Flurry

Super Moves

  • 236L+M - Rakshasa's Claw
  • 236H+S - Savage Skewer
  • 214L+M or 214H+S - Needle Light Shower

Key Information

First Manga Appearance: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!, Vol. 1 Chapter 3: "Limit Break" August 4th, 2020.

First Anime Appearance: Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Episode 25: "Epic Showdown in Hell! A New Janemba!" July 30, 2020.

First Game Appearance: Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury September 14, 2004.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z introduction: Season 2 August 3, 2019.

Availability: FigtherZ Pass 2 or purchased individually.

Mayor Opponents

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