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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tier List

Last updated :Dec 13, 2023

Ranking all current DBFZ characters from Best to WorstFind exclusive below!

What is this Tier List For?

This Dragon Ball Fighter Z tier list exists to give you a quick overview of the expected potential of all characters currently in the game, whether as a base character or unlockable via in-game purchases. Worth noting that just because a character is not at the very top of this tier list does not mean they're bad or not worth the effort to learn. That distinction is most relevant to professional or very proficient players who must understand every possible advantage to be taken. 


To develop this DBFZ tier list, we looked through other published tier lists, professional competitors' thoughts, community figures, content creators, moves and matchups analysis, and more. All to come up with an albeit subjective tier list that can help new and old players alike.  


We adopted an "S" to "C" consensus for this DBFZ tier listing. With S Tier characters being the agreed-upon best characters at the top level of competition and C Tier characters being mostly useless or otherwise too difficult to master to be worth such effort. That is not to say they are not worth playing if you find them fun. There are plenty of great players with lower-tier characters that perform at a high level. Do not be discouraged by it. Instead, use it to your advantage!

Updating and Maintaining

As mentioned previously, this DBFZ tier list will be updated as new characters are added, balance changes come out, and the general impression from players changes. Small changes in the game balance might have a butterfly effect on the ranking as characters matchup change. That is why we always carefully revise this Smash tier list regularly to ensure it is still at the forefront of competitive developments.