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Majin Buu

Majin Buu

Majin Buu is a weird, weird creature. It possesses various different forms, this particular one being that of a friendly half of the Innocent Buu after he split himself via fission. He lives with Mr. Satan and is an ally of the protagonists.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Power: 10

  • Speed: 3

  • Range: 9

  • Technique: 8

  • Energy: 9

  • Accessibility: 7


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Majin Buu is the name of the various being in the Dragon Ball universe, but this specific character is the most known under that moniker, while also being referred to as Good Buu sometimes. He came to exist after the sequence of events where Kid Buu absorbed Grand Supreme Kai, turning into Innocent Buu, and then the latter using fission to split into Good Buu and Evil Buu. Majin Buu still possesses the essence of Grand Supreme Kai within him and eventually awakens him for a short period of time.

After turning into Good Buu, he lost many of the traits he previously possessed, most notably the ability to absorb entities with his body to become stronger. He also lost all evil that was within him, because during Innocent Buu’s split it all manifested within Evil Buu. Therefore, Majin Buu is entirely and purely good, not having an iota of evil.

Mr. Satan is the one to thank for helping Majin Buu to transform himself into a staunch defender of Earth and a valuable ally to Goku and his friends.


Pros & Cons

Majin Buu is probably the weirdest, most peculiar character in the game. His damage output is much lower than your average DBFZ fighter, but he makes up for it in other areas when mastered. And mastered he needs to be, as some of his setups and strings require frame precision to execute. When already gotten used to, Majin Buu can support various playstyles, be it zoning, mixups and oki, or pure pressure. Fat Throw is the character-defining ability that provides him with a great mixup tool and incredible oki.


8-Way directional Inputs:

  • 1 Down Back

  • 2 Down

  • 3 Down Forward

  • 4 Back

  • 5 Standing

  • 6 Forward

  • j Jumps

  • 7 Up Back

  • 8 Up

  • 9 Up Forward

6 Attack Notations:

  • L Light

  • M Medium

  • H Heavy

  • D Special

  • A1 Z Assist 1

  • A2 Z Assist 2

Basic Attacks

  • 5L - Whiffs on crouchers at max range.

    • 5LL - A heavy mixup tool that can be canceled into or continued with various 50/50s.

    • 5LLL - Smash on hit. Usable ad nauseam from restands.

  • 5M - Standing overhead, full confirm upon landing it.

  • 5H - Crucial to his corner pressure, good corner carry.

  • 5S - Very fast, usable at the round start to get an advantage.

  • 2L - Crucial mixup tool, quite fast.

  • 2M - Incredible hitstun, combos into many things. Unsafe to just throw out in the neutral game, save it for the corner pressure.

  • 2H - A regular anti-air.

  • 2S - High hitstun, so use in combos.

  • 6M - An overhead that can combo from 2M.

  • j.L - Just a decent air-to-air.

  • j.M - Great jump-in because of the hitbox.

  • j.H - An absolutely obscene hitbox. Majin Buu’s staple move.

  • j.S - Nice zoning tool with some range on it.

  • j.2H - Almost as good as j.H, and just as spammable.

Special Attacks

  • 236L/M/H - Dive Bomb

  • 214L/M/H - Cartwheel

  • 236S - Sweeping Breath

  • 214S - Fat Throw

Z Assists

  1. Sweeping Breath

  2. Fat Throw

  3. Cartwheel

Super Moves

  • 236L+M or 236H+S - Now Buu really...hate you!

  • 214L+M or 214H+S - Turn into candy!

Key Information

First Manga Appearance: DBZ Vol. 24. “The Creature of Wrath" August 30, 1994.

First Anime Appearance: Fusion Saga, Episode 254: "The Evil of Men" February 1, 1995.

First Game Appearance: Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 3 September 29, 1994.

Dragon Ball FighterZ introduction: Original release, January 26, 2018.

Availability: Base game.

Another Buu Form

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