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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rankings

Player Rankings based on tournament performance and participationHow we rank players

DashFight SSBU Rankings Methodology

DashFight brings the SSBU pro competition to a new level. Will you be able to fight your way to the top of our Smash Ultimate rankings? How is your favorite pro player doing in DashFight’s new ranking system?

Please, check out the list of top Smash Ultimate players ranked from the best… to actually the same best but with slightly less active in the recent tournaments (you know, everyone is absolutely exceptional on this top-level).

This is the release version of DF Rankings, so while we’re going to improve our rankings over time and consider the data needed for more accurate estimation, the core concept of the Rankings will not change.


So, how do we build Smash Ultimate player rankings?

The system gives DF points to players, counting their tournament results. The number of DF points depends on:

  • Tournament Tier (on the basis of various factors)
  • The player’s position in the final results

The numbers certainly can’t take into consideration many aspects, such as the skills of a specific player. They are only about real tournament results. For example, if someone is impressively talented but participates in only a few small tournaments, you might not find their name in this list of the best Smash Ultimate players. The system evaluates bare results.

Regional vs Global

The world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate esports is huge and consists of many dimensions. To give all the players a chance to shine in this for-fun-only competition, we have created Global and Regional rankings of pro Smash players.

Regional realities of SSBU esports open very different opportunities for players. Having more tournaments in a specific location means there are more chances to earn DF points. And a smaller number of events doesn’t necessarily mean lower skill levels of top players there. Select a region to see different versions of the ranking list.

Global rankings do not reflect the regional features. It’s a place of an uncompromising fight — of course, a totally friendly fight.

Updating and Maintaining

Fighting esports is so unpredictable! One day a player is on the top, and the next day someone knocks them out from this (glorious) position. DashFight’s Smash rankings change accordingly, so you always get the freshest version on our platform. 

The ranking system itself is subject to improvement. While keeping the objective basis, we constantly search for ways to make our rankings better. Because, you know, that what DashFight does — brings positive power into the FGC.

Tournament Tiers and DF points

Are you looking for clear tools that we use in the SSBU ranking system? Ok, here they are!

This table contains info on tournament tiers and numbers of DF points for different positions in them:

1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5-6 place 7-8 place 9-16 place 16-32 place 32-64 place 64-128 place
Tier 1. Global 2000 1300 780 600 430 340 240 130 70 10
Tier 1. Regional 1500 974 583 448 320 254 179 97 52 7
Tier 1. National 1000 649 389 299 214 170 120 56 35 5
Tier 2. Global 600 390 234 180 129 102 72 39 21 3
Tier 2. Regional 500 325 195 150 107 85 60 32 17 2
Tier 2. National 400 260 156 120 86 68 48 26 14 2
Local / Community 200 130 78 60 43 34 24 13 7 1

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, don’t hesitate to send them to support@dashfight.com.