MK1 Tier List

Last updated :Oct 17, 2023

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Tier List Methodology 

This Mortal Kombat 1 Tier List was created by combining tournament match data, laggy online play situations, pro-player opinions of character attributes, and Kameo-carrying potential. Placement ordering within tiers is remarkably subjective and does not outrightly suggest the characters' power levels, as the meta is still crystallizing.

The ranks are S+, S, A+, A, B, and C, where characters able to dominate matches without Kameo assistance were placed in the S tiers, and the rest, being reliant in certain degrees on Kameo characters, were ranked in the lower A, B, and C tiers.

The Tier List represents a snapshot of the perceived meta and is meant to be a guide and a starting point for discussion and analysis. While there will be significant future meta-developments in the form of buffs and nerfs, shifting pro-player consensus is inevitable as the game sees continued exploration.