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Mortal Kombat 1

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Last updated :Oct 2, 2023
Mortal Kombat 1
Mortal Kombat 1


Scorpion is a member of the Lin Kuei and like his father before him only wants the best for the clan. However, with Sub-Zero’s new direction for the clan taking them away from their traditions, Scorpion is at a crossroads; join Sub-Zero’s new, frightening future, or go to war against his brother.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 8

  • Range: 7

  • Zoning: 2

  • Damage: 7

  • Grappling: 3

Patch Notes


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Hanzo Hasashi meets his end at the hands of the Lin Kuei and is taken to the Netherrealm. There, he is turned into the spectre, Scorpion, by Quan Chi and now serves at his side. He enters the first Mortal Kombat seeking revenge after being told that his family was killed by Sub-Zero, a Lin Kuei assassin. At the tournament, Scorpion wins match after match seeking only to get his revenge. He gets his chance, but not before meeting Raiden who convinces him not to kill Sub-Zero in return for getting his brothers of the Shirai Ryu back together in the mortal realm. Fully committed to keeping his end of the bargain, Scorpion defeats Sub-Zero but doesn’t kill him, only to be manipulated by Quan Chi and eventually murder Sub-Zero.

Scorpion will cross paths with Sub-Zero’s younger brother who has taken up the name ‘Sub-Zero’ and the two would clash, although he lost the battle. At the end of the story, he also loses to Raiden but continues to stay by Quan Chi’s side.

Later, he is returned to his human form thanks to Raiden and the power of Shinnok’s amulet. He learns that the Lin Kuei might have been responsible for his family and clan’s deaths, but the true mastermind was Quan Chi and Shinnok. With this, he joins the good guys and is also part of the fight against Quan Chi. 

When Kronika arrives to reshape the world, Hanzo Hasashi sides against her. Although his past self is in support of Kronika thinking it will bring back his clan and family. Hanzo battles to show his younger self the truth eventually dying at the hands of D’Vorah. But with Scorpion now rehabilitated, he continues from where Hanzo left off joining sides with the Special Forces, Raiden and Liu Kang to fight against Kronika. 


In the new timeline, Hanzo Hasashi is now part of the Lin Kuei and is brothers with Sub-Zero. The Lin Kuei have long been defenders of Earthrealm, but as the realm hasn’t been attacked in ages and Sub-Zero is beginning to take the Lin Kuei in problematic directions. Scorpion’s enthusiasm is cooled and he wonders if he would have to face his brother in Mortal Kombat. 


Scorpion is a loyal fighter to whatever cause he joins himself to. His tragic past has left him scarred beyond anything, but he tries to avoid letting it corrupt him beyond saving



Scorpion dresses in orange ninja garb with black trimmings. He also wears black pants and a leather belt. He has the tattoo of a scorpion on his forearm and wears black leather gauntlets for his hands.

Key Information

Birthdate: February 9, 1969

Birthplace: Japan

Height: 6'2"/188 cm

Weight: 210 lbs/95 kg

Eye Color: White

Hair Color: Black

Fighting Style: Hapkido, Pi Gua, Moi Fah, Ninjitsu

Occupation: Ninja

Debut Game: Mortal Kombat

Availability: Base Game