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Android 17

Android 17

Android 17 was created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku. He was a human but became a cyborg. In the game, 17 assists his sister, Android 18, and also fights as a separate character. He is quick and can deal significant damage. His effective range is rather small, and his special moves are a bit complicated.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Android 17 matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
SS4 Gogeta41 %27
Super Saiyan Blue Vegito60 %25
Android 21 (Lab Coat)43 %23
Android 2139 %23
Ultra Instinct Goku32 %19
Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta75 %12
Trunks50 %10
Bardock57 %7
Cell43 %7
Super Saiyan Blue Goku33 %6

Android 17 matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:

SS4 Gogeta
SS4 Gogeta


11-16 (41%)

Best vs:

Kid Buu
Kid Buu


4-0 (100%)


0-2 (0%)

top Android 17 mains

PlayerGamesWinsLossesWin rate

Character abilities

  • Power: 7

  • Speed: 10

  • Range: 6

  • Technique: 7

  • Energy: 7

  • Accessibility: 8


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.


A long time ago, he was a normal human being, a boy named Lapis. And he had a twin sister, Lazuli. Who knows what their life could be like if they weren’t spotted by Dr. Gero. This genius but obviously mad scientist kidnaped the siblings and turned them into cyborgs, known as Androids 17 and 18.

The purpose of this pretty cruel act was the same as for the other creation of Dr. Gero — Android 16. The scientist wanted to avenge Goku, who destroyed the Red Ribbon Army (that happened in the very first Dragon Ball anime when Goku was just a small kid). Unlike with 16’s situation, Dr. Gero wasn’t emotionally attached to 17 and 18. He activated them with no doubt and tried to make them kind of bloodthirsty killers. But something went wrong with that plan.

Android 17 rebelled against his “creator” and killed Dr. Gero. This did not change his internal desire to destroy Goku as well, but Android 17 (obviously) did not succeed here.

The guy participated in the fights against Cell but was absorbed by that powerful being. Only Dragon Balls helped Android 17 return to life.

Technically, Dr. Gero did not convert Lapis and Lazuli into robots. Bulma did research once, which proved these both Androids to be rather superhumans, with modifications on the cellular level.

Thanks to keeping his human nature, Android 17 has a wife and kids. He cares for the wild environment and works as a ranger in a National Park. Quite often, he is rather selfish, not bothering about anyone else except for his sister and family. 

Android 17 in the story of Dragon Ball FighterZ

You don’t often see this character in the story mode of DBFZ. He assists his sister in the fights and participates in the dialogues — but this is a side role.

As a playable character, Android 17 was added to Dragon Ball FighterZ with the first FighterZ Pass. He is the 8th DLC character.

Playstyle of Android 17 in DBFZ

Android 17 is very fast with a great combo and mix-up potential. His attacks deal good damage, but their range is not the best. This character may struggle to approach the victim and then “open” their blocks.

The speed makes him a bit tricky for beginners. You should master the controls to be effective and not face bitter punishments. Also, Android 17’s Special Moves are a bit complicated and require proper practice.

His ki blast (5S) is one of the best projectiles in the game, effective from a big distance. Driver Moves are great for pressuring the opponent. Android 17 gains meter quite easily.

Attacks and Moves for Android 17 in Dragon Ball FighterZ

8-Way directional Inputs:

  • 1 — Down Back
  • 2 — Down
  • 3 — Down Forward
  • 4 — Back
  • 5 — Standing
  • 6 — Forward
  • 7 — Up Back
  • 8 — Up
  • 9 — Up Forward
  • j — Jumps

6 Attack Notations:

  • L — Light
  • M — Medium
  • H — Heavy
  • S — Special
  • A1 — Z Assist 1
  • A2 — Z Assist 2

DBFZ | Android 17 — Basic Attacks

  • 5L a close-range jab
  • 5LL a knee attack with a dash
  • 5LLL — Android 17 jumps a bit and hits with both fists (safe to crouch moves)
  • 5M an elbow attack with a good range
  • 5H — a long-range kick 
  • 5S ki blast, effective energy projectiles
  • 2L — a quick low kick
  • 2M similar to 2L, has a surprisingly small range
  • 2H — an upward hit
  • 6M an overhead attack
  • 3H an effective low sweep
  • j.L this is a punch in the air with a small range
  • j.M a kick in the air
  • j.H a downward hit with two hands
  • j.S energy blasts with a very acute angle
  • j.2H — an upward kick with a big hitbox

DBFZ | Android 17 — Special Moves

  • 236L/M/H — Accel Driver. It’s a dash with an open palm hit.
  • 214L/M/H — Finishing Driver. This move is similar to Accel Driver, but Android 17 makes a step back first.
  • 236S or 214S — Acrobatic Assault. It’s a back jump and then a dash forward.
  • 22S, Driver->2S — Power Blitz Charge. Android 17 charges two energy spheres.
  • 22S After Charge, Driver->2S after ChargePower Blitz. Android 17 shoots two energy spheres.

DBFZ | Android 17 — Gears

  • Driver->5L/M — Top Gear. Android 17 punches on the level of mid-body.
  • Driver->5L/M or j.236L/M/H — Second Gear. It’s a jump and an elbow hit downwards.
  • Driver->2L/M — Low Gear. It’s a sweep kick that hits very low.
  • Driver->4L/M or j.214L/M/H — Fake Out. It’s a forward jump.
  • Driver->5H/S — Reverse Gear. Android 17 creates a protective barrier. It also shoots the opponent automatically in a close range (S) or manually (H).

DBFZ | Android 17 — Z Assists 

  • Assist A — Reverse Gear.
  • Assist B — Power Blitz Charge.
  • Assist C — Accel Driver.

DBFZ | Android 17 — Super Moves

  • 236L+M — Endgame. It’s a dash and then a teleport behind the opponent with a palm hit.
  • 236H+S — Barrier Explosion. Android 17 creates a barrier that explodes.
  • 214L+M or 214H+S — Super Electric Strike. Android 17 creates and shoots a big ring of green energy.

Key Information

First Manga Appearance: DBZ Vol 13. "The Androids Awake!"; November 12, 1991.

First Anime Appearance: Androids Saga, Episode 133: "Nightmare Comes True"; April 1, 1992.

First Game Appearance: Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzōningen; August 7, 1992.

Dragon Ball FighterZ introduction: 8th character of the first FighterZ Pass; September 27, 2018.

Availability: DLC

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