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Cooler is a powerful villain who is also the elder brother to Frieza. He is the eldest son of King Cold and, like his sibling, can transform his body. Unlike his brother, he is a lot more serious and cerebral when handling issues.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Power: 10

  • Speed: 7

  • Range: 9

  • Technique: 5

  • Energy: 6

  • Accessibility: 9


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Cooler and Frieza have always had a sibling rivalry, and the older brother is involved with the Frieza force, which their father passed on to Frieza instead of him. Cooler is a planet subjugator, and there are suggestions that he has taken over 250+ planets. Cooler was also present at the destruction of Planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans, and saw the escape of Goku in a space pod to Earth with the aim of subjugating it. Initially intent on destroying the escape pod with Goku on it, Cooler delayed the order to fire at the pod, instead berating his brother’s incompetence in letting a child escape. 

Cooler’s resentment towards Frieza only grew to the point where even after his younger sibling’s death, he admitted to Goku that he would have sought to kill him. He gained a victory over his brother as he achieved his fourth transformation and obtained more power than Frieza.

At some point, Cooler is kidnapped by Fu and taken to Prison Planet. It is here that he perfects his golden form as he tries to escape from the planet with Future Trunks. He eventually gets into conflict with Goku, Cumber, and Fu. Cooler even takes down Goku and is finally able to escape from the disintegrating Prison Planet by following Fu through a portal. 


Cooler does most of his best work by controlling the space in neutral. He has some great buttons with amazing range, which makes him a great character to catch out opponents with. Unfortunately, he is also quite susceptible to whiff punishes, and his slow movements can make him difficult to maneuver. 

Attacks and Moves for Cooler in Dragon Ball FighterZ

8-Way directional Inputs:

  • 1 Down Back

  • 2 Down

  • 3 Down Forward

  • 4 Back

  • 5 Standing

  • 6 Forward

  • j Jumps

  • 7 Up Back

  • 8 Up

  • 9 Up Forward

6 Attack Notations:

  • L Light

  • M Medium

  • H Heavy

  • S Special

  • A1 Z Assist 1

  • A2 Z Assist 2

Basic Attacks

  • 5L- Not the fastest move, but certainly the fastest in Cooler’s arsenal

  • 5LL- Moves Cooler forward. It should be noted that it is very unsafe on block

  • 5LLL- Helps Cooler switch sides

  • 5M- Very, very good range 

  • 5H- Great corner carry button 

  • 5S- Good projectile. Does about half screen

  • 2L- Quick startup and decent range like most of his moves

  • 2M- This is a button that requires deep thought as it is susceptible to whiff punishes

  • 2H- Great anti-air with good range

  • 6M- Overhead with good range

  • 6H- Good stomp that causes bounce upon air hit

  • 3H- Non-super projectile invincibility

  • j.L- Another move that tends to whiff, especially in the air, so use carefully

  • j.M- Great for air-to-air challenges and has great range

  • j.H- Decent jump-in button 

  • j.S- Same as 5S, but has greater useability

  • j.2H- Sends the opponent sideways instead of upwards

Special Attacks

236L/M/H- Death Chaser- A powerful dive-in move

214L/M/H- Death Breaker- A knee uppercut that smacks the opponent and is a decent combo ender

236S- Death Flash- Destructive and powerful beam with a large hitbox

214S- Death Shaker- A full-screen shockwave that knocks the opponent back

Z Assists

  • Assist A- Death Breaker

  • Assist B- Genocidal Uppercut

  • Assist C- Death Crasher

Super Moves

  • 236L+M/236H+S - Death Crasher: Cooler grabs the opponents and face-plants them, firmly, into the ground.

  • 214L+M or 214H+S-Atomic Supernova: This powerful energy sphere is usually used following a combo, and it can act as something of a command grab when used in the air

  • j.236L+M or j.236H+S- Death Drop: An air move that causes Cooler to dive in and tackle an opponent.

Key Information

First Manga Appearance: "Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission"

First Anime Appearance: Dragon Ball GT, Super 17 Saga Episode 2: "A Dangerous Union" April 16, 1997 (Japanese), July 24, 2004 (English)

First Game Appearance: Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzōningen August 7, 1992.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z introduction: September 27, 2018.

Availability: DLC

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