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Last updated :Jul 24, 2023
Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6


Yoga has an ultimate goal of self-realization, but on this journey, yogis also achieve significant powers. Dhalsim can stretch his body and breathe fire. He uses his amazing yogi abilities to fight evil and protect innocent people. And he sure is up to some fun in Street Fighter 6 matches.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 9

  • Defense: 4

  • Range: 10

  • Complexity: 8

  • Movement: 7


Patch Notes


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Dhalsim is a great Yoga Master who helps many people take this spiritual path and reach its ultimate goal. In addition to such individual help, Dhalsim puts significant effort into balancing energies in this world and supporting universal harmony. It is not a simple mission at all.

Various people come to Dhalsim. They ask to mentor them — to make the body stronger and learn mystical techniques, such as breathing fire. If the yogi feels good intentions, he accepts this student.

The word about Dhalsim has been spread across the world, and some dedicated martial artists have become interested in these phenomenal strengths. They want to train with the yogi, and Dhalsim is not against a good fight if it helps someone to break their limitations and find their personal spiritual harmony.

But in general, Dhalsim tends to avoid violence and any conflict. His mind is clear and stable. It would be dangerous to let emotions in — Dhalsim might be unable to handle this blaze.

Once, he intentionally allowed the anger to take him. That happened when the evil organization of M. Bison built a dam so that people in a small village of Dhalsim had no water from a local river — which is terrible, especially for India. Dhalsim activates all his might to defeat the villains.

His story certainly does not end with this. Evil is still in this world, and a lot has to be done to harmonize our Universe.

Dhalsim does not like conflicts. But when it’s necessary, he uses everything he has to bring justice.


Dhalsim is fully dedicated to his spiritual path and mission of making the world a better place. He does not act in a traditional way of fighting — where a hero bravely destroys every evil guy. Dhalsim uses yoga to bring peace to his inner world and thus spread harmonizing vibes all around himself. 

The guy has achieved a lot with this harmonization, and you certainly can feel this through his personality. Dhalsim is calm, watchful, and thoughtful. He is good to everyone and cares deeply about the well-being of good people. 

The yogi keeps his emotions under strict control. But in some situations, Dhalsim allows the anger to bubble up and power up the fighting action. These occasions are rare, and Dhalsim still manages not to lose internal balance and not get astray in his spiritual path.


Yoga practice has given Dhalsim the ability to stretch his limbs. And he uses it in SF6 fights. These attacks make Dhalsim effective at a significant distance. Having dangerous fire projectiles only strengthens this feature, especially thanks to their unusual trajectories. 

Long-range normals are nicely mixed with Dhalsim’s anti-air options — he has something to respond when an opponent decides to jump on the yogi. When Dhalsim wants to come closer, he can use teleport, but at a close range, his advantages are not that prominent.


Even one look at Dhalsim is enough to understand he is a yogi. All attributes are here: minimalistic clothes, just a loincloth; sacral paint all over the body, a white beard of a wise man; mind-blowing postures, asanas. In Street Fighter 6, Dhalsim keeps this tradition of a classic yoga appearance.

Key Information

Birthdate:  November 22

Birthplace: India

Height: 5'9 / 176 cm (can vary)

Weight: 106 lbs / 48 kg (can vary)

Eye Color: White

Hair Color: Shaved head, white beard

Fighting Style: Esoteric Yoga

Occupation: Yoga Master

Debut Game: Street Fighter II

Availability: Base Game