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Street Fighter 6

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Last updated :Jul 24, 2023
Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6

Dhalsim Guides

Yoga has an ultimate goal of self-realization, but on this journey, yogis also achieve significant powers. Dhalsim can stretch his body and breathe fire. He uses his amazing yogi abilities to fight evil and protect innocent people. And he sure is up to some fun in Street Fighter 6 matches.Know more

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Dhalsim has been a true staple and one of the most interesting characters for Street Fighter, to a point where even in games where he wasn't present, he had a suitable replacement in the form of Necro

Dhalsim is still a complex fighter to discover in Street Fighter 6, so we turned to Mister Crimson for help, who can rightfully be called one of the best SF players nowadays.

In this video guide, you'll learn more about Dhalsim's strengths and weaknesses, how to use his ranged attacks to your advantage, and check out some effective combos.

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