Mister Crimson

  • Nathan Massol
  • Giants Gaming
  • France

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French fighting game player, Nathan "Mister Crimson" Massol is a Street Fighter pro who currently represents Giants Gaming. The former Team Envy and AS Monaco Esports member began his competitive career six years ago playing Street Fighter IV, but it was his win at Cannes Winter Clash 2016 that launched his Street Fighter V career. 

A Dhalsim and Laura player, Mr Crimson had a busy 2019 as he tried to make it into Capcom Cup. Falling short, he did, however, get some good placements at major tournaments. These achievements include finishing 5th at the EGX – European Regional Final [FINALS], 65th at EVO 2019, 9th at Canada Cup 2019, and 9th at EVO Japan 2020. In 2021, he won 1st place at the annual Red Bull Kumite Invitational. after defeating top players like iDom, Luffy, and Punk.

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