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Karin Kanzuki is an SF character from Sakura Ganbaru. She was raised by a strict father and managed to become a real leader, the head of the family corporation Kanzuki Zaibatsu. In the story, she is the elitist rival of Sakura.Know more

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Karin is a schoolgirl from a wealthy family who was first arrogant towards the people around her. This lousy trait was reflected in her behavior and made it difficult to make friends. After Karin grew up a little, she reconsidered her attitude towards people.

The initial, negative period in Karin's life also includes her conflict with her father, who sought to raise his daughter "like a son." He instilled in her a sense of purpose and desire to win consistently and everywhere. Ironically, Karin took the family company away from her father in an aggressive takeover.

Karin has a best friend, Sakura, with whom they competed strongly at first. Growing up, Karin began to realize that striving to win always and everywhere is a terrible desire. She decided to learn to enjoy the fights themselves, not their result. Karin has also become more polite towards people, although she retains a little indulgence towards others.

Her friendship with Sakura is confirmed by this time, although their rivalry is very much present still.

First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 3, June 1998


  • Oro
  • Shadaloo
  • M.Bison

Allies & Family: 

  • Sakura, friend
  • Ibuki, employee
  • Ken, a good friend
  • Ryu, friend
  • Birdie, bodyguard
  • Guy, employee
  • R. Mika, Karin is her sponsor
  • Dhalsim, teammate,
  • Zangief, fighting comrade
  • Chun-Li, a good friend 
  • Cammy, employee
  • Zeku, employee
  • Rashid, friend
  • Daigenjuro Kanzuki, father 
  • Nadeshiko Kanzuki, mother