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Akira Kazama is an orphan who knows how to fight and fix bicycles. She is a guest character on the Street Fighter from the Rival Schools series. Akira is a very responsive character who loves to help others.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Health: 5

  • Power: 6

  • Mobility: 8

  • Techniques: 7

  • Range: 5



Akira, along with his older brother Daigo, are orphans. She has not yet proven herself in the Street Fighter Universe, but she is expected to appear there in the summer of 2021.

Akira is a student at a school in Japan who is a relatively quiet and secretive girl. She is known to have a hydrophobic phobia. She also knows how to fix bicycles, as a friend of her parents taught her.

Akira is a very responsive girl who helps her friends. Her fighting style in Street Fighter is the Chinese martial art Bajiquan.

Key Information

First Appearance: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (August 16, 2021); Rival Schools: United by Fate (November, 1991)

Friends List

  • Hinata, schoolfellow 

  • Boman, schoolfellow

  • Yurika, friend

  • Zaki, friend 


Akira resembles an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl. She is a guest character in SFV, first appeared in fightings (games) in the Rival Schools series, known as Justice Gakuen (Justice Academy).