Five Street Fighter V mods worth downloading

Umar Ibrahim
6 min
Five Street Fighter V mods worth downloading
Moonwalker, martial art heroes, and more

Our next mod roundup will feature creations made for Street Fighter V. The theme, like always, will be pop culture icons, from a musician/actor to other game characters. 

These are just a few SFV mods created in the past couple of months that I've found exciting and fun. Narrowing down my list to only these five was so hard, I just had to add an honorable mention - with (almost) no Street Fighter 5 nude mods in this list, sorry. I've also still got a whole lot more I could have included, but I'll save them for future roundups of SFV costume mods.


Ryo Hazuki

This one is for the Sega fans. Cult classic hero of the Shenmue franchise, Ryo Hazuki joins my list as a Ryu Street Fighter 5 mod. 

Granted, I'm a big fan of the games, but Ryo's also made it on the list because of how authentic Khaledantar666's mod is. That includes his jacket, which happens to have physics of its own. The mod even features 15 color variations. 

The SFV mod isn't currently free to download, so you can either choose to support Khaledantar666 or wait till it's made available to all. See for yourself just how cool the mod looks here

Decapre update

When the Decapre mod was first released for Cammy in 2018, it was an exceptional piece of work. However, game modder tom12422 has now made it even better with the addition of a voice line, Cammy's Critical Art, four costumes, ten colors, a V-Skill, V-Reversal, and her theme - the guy definitely knows how to mod Street Fighter 5 

The extra costumes are from story mode with and without her mask,  BrutalAce's Bikini Remix outfit, and Moddah's Nostalgia. Small fixes were also implemented to make this one of the coolest Decapre Street Fighter 5 PC mods out there. However, tom12422 warned against its use online as it will cause the game to crash if your opponent doesn't have the mod installed as well. 

You'd expect that she replaces Cammy, but it's Fang's slot Decapre takes up instead. You can download the updated mod here


Falke JadeC2

This mod is a new one by SleepingMaster that initiates a crossover that should've happened at least a decade ago. We see Mortal Kombat 3's rendition of Jade join the roster as a replacement for Falke. 

The transformation makes a lot of sense, considering both characters use a staff (bo), but that's probably where their similarities end. SleepingMaster prefers the '90s outfit to the Mortal Kombat 11 version, and though I can't say I agree, it is very well made and looks like it belongs in Street Fighter V

For all you Mortal Kombat and Jade fans, you can download SleepingMaster's classic mod right here


Female Birdie

This SFV mysterious mod is a bit of a scary one, not just because of the idea of a female Birdie in existence but also the fierce half-crazed look of her face. What's most disturbing is the way her long tongue hangs, but once in a match, players get to see her in full weird glory. 

Resembling a character out of Mad Max, Birdie still has her chain and carefree mannerisms. Yet, you'll find yourself marveling at how much Birdie has changed—created by Famika, and the second iteration of an older attempt at changing the thug's gender (it would be super weird to see this form in SFV futa mod). While the original gender-bend had a handful of issues, including inconsistent skin tone, the upgrade seems very well made. 

If you want to add female Birdie to your SFV pack mod manager, follow the link here to Famika's page. 


Smooth President 

This mod was a pleasant surprise. There are some creations you expect and others you don't, and this was certainly among unexpected Street Fighter mods for me. I never would've expected the mod to be for G either, yet he fits like a glove, especially how Ouji-Chama was able to include voice lines. Words from the legend himself replaced g's "Message to the People" speech as he fills his EX meter. 

The Michael Jackson mod is from his role in the 1988 movie Moonwalker, complete with white suit and fedora. G's Critical Art, Pangaea Burst, also gets a line from Moonwalker's iconic song, "Smooth Criminal," putting a beautiful end to his opponent's ambitions, political or otherwise. 

Ouji-Chama's mod is from February 2019 and still holds up against more recent creations. You can grab the mod here

Honorable Mention

I was tempted to add Fatal Cutie Terry, the excellent Lucia mod by BrutalAce, but decided to pick a fresh set of mods. It does deserve an honorable mention, though, so check it out in the link above. 

Also, if you're wondering where all the anime mods went, don't worry, I haven't abandoned my Japanime ways. They're so many that they deserve a list of their own, so look out for that or a SFV camera mod as well. 

I haven't include any Street Fighter nude mod or Street Fighter 5 futa mod for obvious reasons - however popular they are, let's keep DashFight open for everyone in the gaming community. (For those who are wondering, what SFV nude mods are - here is the answer.  A Street Fighter V nude mod transforms game characters into... the same characters but with no costumes. Any SFV nude mod may be quite interesting for the fans of the genre - not the fighting genre - but it can be even shocking for many other people. Please, don't get me wrong, a street fighter 5 nude mod is ok as long as it doesn't harm anyone. But they have their proper place on the Internet.)

I hope you liked my roundup of Street Fighter V mods and possibly found something you love as much as I do. Stay safe and stay tuned to DashFight for other modes and articles on how to install SFV mods.

Meanwhile, you can explore our Street Fighter 5 Guide for Beginners.