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Cody Travers began his life in the slums of Metro City. He managed to overcome many difficulties, including being sent to prison on a trumped-up case. But time passed, and he managed to become the mayor of this city.Know more

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Cody started with street fights. He was an ordinary guy who grew up in the slums but managed to overcome the bad traits within himself. This boy resisted the street gangs instead of serving them. He had a girlfriend whom he loved and valued very much. This girl's name was Jessica, and he protected her from the mafia.

Cody was a simple, maybe a little naive guy and ended up in jail one day. Nevertheless, he did not despair and again did not obey the environment, but managed to adapt without losing his honor and dignity.

After being released from prison, Cody decides to start a political career and successfully goes through all the stages of the struggle for mayor of his hometown Metro City. The street and prison tempered him, but at the same time, they did not kill his desire for justice and internal rejection of evil.

He has shown a lot of courage in fighting enemies both on the streets and as mayor. Cody could secretly help people, so nothing is known for certain about this. He became intelligent and calculating while maintaining his honor and kindness.

First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 3, June 1998


  • Edi. E
  • Rolento F. Schugerg
  • Poison
  • Abigail

Allies & Family

  • Marlowe, assistant
  • Lucia, one of the best allies
  • Mike Haggar. comrade