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Street Fighter V
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Sakura Kasugano is a young warrior who seeks to be as good as Ryu after seeing his first World Warrior Tournament performance. Though she never fully commits to master her abilities, she does become a valuable acquaintance of Ryu later in life.Know more


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Sakura became inspired by Ryu’s win at the first World Warrior Tournament. After seeing his talents, she decides to look for him and asks him to be her teacher. At the second WWT, she meets Dan and later with Ryu while he is in a S.I.N building. After a massive explosion, she was carried out of the building by Ryu.

After completing her High School education, she picks up a part-time job and begins her university life. One day, on her way home, she bumps into Ryu. He had been called by Karin, a regular sparring partner of Sakura. The two have a conversation about life, particularly about what Ryu will do once he is old.

First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 2, February 1996

Allies & Family

  • Tsukushi Kasugano, brother
  • Kei Chitose, friend
  • Dan, “sensei.”