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Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V


The Italian tarot reader Rose shares a fate with Bison, as a part of her soul is not unlike the Soul Power that Bison uses to control over the world, which according to Rose, might lead to the destruction of it.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Health: 5

  • Power: 4

  • Mobility: 7

  • Techniques: 8

  • Range: 9



Rose was a fortune teller in Genoa one day. She sensed that a powerful evil being would bring about the end of the world. Rose believes that M. Bison is that person. From then on, she makes multiple attempts at Bison’s life. In the process, she learns that she shares a franction of Bison’s power, the Soul Power.

After Ryu defeats Bison, his soul power is transposed to Rose, controlling her will until a new carrier could be found. Even after Akuma was believed to have finished off Bison, the soul continues to inhabit Rose.

After learning that the Bison was still alive, Rose entered the upcoming World Warrior tournament to find “the fool.” Her tarots cards point to being the only one capable of altogether destroying Bison and his Soul.

First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors’ Dreams, June 1995


  • M. Bison, former master

Allies & Family

  • Ryu
  • Guy
  • Menat, apprentice
  • Maggio, apprentice



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