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SFV Season 5: Rose is Out Now

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SFV Season 5: Rose is Out Now
The character is already available in the game. Let’s take a look at a short overview of her abilities

It’s official - Street Fighter V has 42 characters in the roster. Rose was added to the game on April 19 as part of ongoing adjustments/improvements of Season 5. We have three more characters to go: Oro, Akira, and someone still unknown (and therefore super exciting).

Anyways, speaking of Rose. It’s actually almost time to stop everything you are doing and jump into the game to try out this girl in fights (please, be reasonable in this decision). Still, there is one more thing to do on DashFight - check out our quick overview of Rose in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter Rose - she, who sees the fate

Rose is not totally new to the Street Fighter series. Players met her first in SF Alpha; she is present in Street Fighter IV

Her power is fortune-telling and the focus on skills instead of bare might. Rose has a long relationship with M. Bison. Through her tarot cards, she saw his intention to destroy the whole world, so the girl used her Soul Power to stop the Dictator but somehow finished as his temporary replacement body. Rose managed to keep her mind clear after that horrifying experience, and her determination to stop Bison is still strong.

You can feel the mentoring vibes in the personality of Rose. The ability to deeply understand fate allows her to give perfect advice to other SF characters and even guide them in their virtual life. Rose tries to help Ryu in his fight against Satsui no Hado. For Menat, Rose is a very special person, Master.

If you have the Character or Premium Pass, visit the Character Story section, and check out what the developers have to say about Rose.

V-System of Rose is pretty unusual. For V-Skill I, Soul Fortune, she uses tarot cards:

  • The Magician (white) - to increase her V-Gauge;
  • The Chariot (red) - to increase the strength;
  • The Tower (green) - to decrease the opponent’s strength;
  • Death (purple) - to increase cheap & grey damage by Rose.

To change the cards, press Down with Medium Punch and Medium Kick.

V-Skill II is Soul Satellite. Up to two dangerous spheres can fly around Rose to protect her from an approaching opponent or be linked into combos.

V-Trigger I of Rose is called Soul Dimension - and that's teleportation. Moving the character back, appearing behind the opponent or a bit above them open nice opportunities. Players can cancel most of Rose’s Special Moves into Soul Dimension.

V-Trigger II is Soul Illusion - Rose creates her own copy and then all her attacks repeat twice. 

SFV Season 5 - Rose Gameplay Trailer

In the previous Street Fighter games, Rose wasn’t a top-tier character, so many in the community have doubts about the usage of this character beyond fights for fun and showcase matches. Still, you never know before actually playing Rose and experimenting with her combos. (We expect Luffy to switch from R. Mika to Rose, who was his main in SFIV, and that's something)

Her V-System looks promising - but we know that since the Street Fighter Spring Update. It’s time to turn theory into practice. Here is some stuff that has been already discovered:

Dan Hibiki, another new SFV character from Season 5 is also not a traditional top-tier guy (he is a joke fighter after all), but we already could see his success at one of the NLBC events. And one of the top Japanese players used Dan at Capcom Pro Tour 2021. (StormKubo, he didn’t win, though)

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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