SFV NLBC Online Edition #50: Successful Start for Dan

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SFV NLBC Online Edition #50: Successful Start for Dan
It’s not even a week of Dan Hibiki’s presence in Street Fighter, and he already wins tourneys

What do you think - what’s more important for success in a fighting game: personal skills or abilities of your character? Whenever a new fighter is added to the game, they get a significant portion of attention from the community, and often they appear at tournaments. That’s precisely the current situation with Dan Hibiki, who joined Street Fighter 5 with the start of Season 5. And while many of us in the community are still practicing this guy in the fights, someone has already won a tourney or two with Dan.

NLBC Online Edition #50 is such a tournament. It’s part of a weekly series Next Level Battle Circuit that also includes fights in the universes of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Granblue Fantasy: Versus

The Street Fighter V section is pretty interesting here - viewers can enjoy matches of top-level players, and the participants have a chance to face one of the fighting esports celebrities. 

Are you interested in the fighting excitement? Then watch the stream!

NLBC Online Edition #50 - SFV Stream

Victor “Punk” Woodley has proven his exceptional skills - even with a new character. His Street Fighter League team definitely has an outstanding leader.

Top 8 players of NLBC Online Edition #50:

  • 1. Victor “Punk” Woodley (Panda Global) - Dan
  • 2. Cj “NoNeedToTalk” Armstrong - Poison / E. Honda
  • 3. Bryant “Smug” Huggins (Rise) - G
  • 4. Zaferino “Zaferino” B. - Sagat
  • 5. Danny “danslip” Ortiz - Cammy
  • 5. Stephen “Space Boy” A. - Sakura
  • 7. Andrew “Kami” Armstead (UYU) - Seth
  • 7. Rob “RobTV” Burney (Crescent Esports / The Tar Pit Club) - Karin