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The Weakest Characters In Street Fighter

Femi Famutimi
7 min

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The Weakest Characters In Street Fighter
These characters might be high tiers or low tiers, but in the real world, they are at the bottom of the hierarchy

Street Fighter has one of those storylines that could be a little difficult to follow as you have the events in Street Fighter 3 happening after those of Street Fighter 5. 

Street Fighter has also had over a hundred characters in its time with many of them having great backstories. There are also canonically strong and weak characters, with the latter being a rather interesting bunch.

It would be easy to name many of the Street Fighter I characters who never made another game as some of the weakest, but considering many of them are relatively unknown, they won’t make for a great list. Therefore, we’ll look at some of those characters that feature in the main story, but aren’t particularly strong according to the lore. 


A doll for Shadaloo along with Cammy White. Decapre does bear a striking resemblance to Cammy, save for a large scar that occupies a side of her face. 

However, this is where the similarities end as Decapre does not have the fighting prowess of Cammy and is easily one of the weakest antagonists in the series. It doesn’t help that when she got released from Bison’s mind control, she suffered a lot of trauma which has only served to weaken her. 


This might be a controversial addition, but Abigail cannot be considered a very strong character in the Street Fighter universe. First off, considering the ridiculous feats that most of the cast gets up to, Abigail doesn’t match up as well. 

Also, Abigail, less-than-ideal IQ means that he isn’t the most tactically astute character in the game and his reliance on brute strength only takes him so far. One could imagine most of the Street Fighter cast easily dispatching Abigail under the circumstances. 


Rufus is a strong fighter and is a martial arts master. He is the self-proclaimed rival to Ken Masters and plans to defeat him. Rufus has some decent moves, but is still to be considered among the weaker characters in the series. 

This is because for one, he can’t even get Ken Masters to acknowledge him, and in his hatred for Ken, he has still been unable to defeat the Ansatsuken practitioner. In the UDON Comics for Street Fighter, Rufus is seen to have defeated Dan Hibiki, but not much else. 

El Fuerte

For many, El Fuerte is the most annoying character in the Street Fighter franchise. He is a Mexican lucha libre who is also passionate about cooking. He tends to mix weird ingredients together and travels the world fighting and even cooking for his opponents. 

From all that is known about El Fuerte, he doesn’t possess any powers beyond his lucha libre skills and that ranks him pretty low in the strength category of the cast. He has had no notable wins against anyone, and while it is safe to say he would beat the average thug, he would most likely lose against all of the stronger characters in the game. 


Personality wise, Sodom is a great character. A member of the Mad Gear gang, he would leave the organization after defeat in the hands of Guy. 

While a strong man in the underground scene, Sodom can’t hold a candle to the tougher guys in the Street Fighter world. He is better known for his love for all things Japanese, but he doesn’t speak the language very well, and his Kanji is atrocious. 

It would be great to have Sodom in another Street Fighter game. 


Remy was a character featured in Street Fighter III: Third Strike as a boy who hated fighting due to his father’s absence from their lives which was because of fighting. So how does Remy look to resolve this? By fighting. 

Remy was given a bunch of Guile moves including a sonic boom and what looks suspiciously like a flash kick. Beyond this though, Remy isn’t very strong. He doesn’t canonically defeat anyone of note and in his ending, he simply goes to his dead sister’s grave where he realizes the folly of his ways… maybe he stopped fighting.  


Rolento F. Schugerg is one of the characters who came from Final Fight before being added to the Street Fighter roster. He is also an alumnus of the Mad Gear and strives to create an utopia and he tries to create his own military nation. 

Rolento is certainly resourceful, but isn’t as strong, losing to Guy, and apparently losing to Mike Haggar at the end of Street Fighter Alpha 2. Rolento does seem like an earnest character who is trying to do what he thinks is best. 


Birdie did appear in the first Street Fighter game and is one of the only characters to come back into the franchise. A British thug, Birdie is part of the underworld and has aligned himself with Shadaloo in the past. 

Birdie is also a big, muscular fellow who has a pretty healthy appetite. But, in the hierarchy of characters in the game, he ranks on the lower side. He has never been able to defeat some of the game’s heavyweights like Ken and Karin. The latter even made him become a servant in return for food, a gig Birdie is more than delighted to take on. 


Sean Matsuda is the younger brother of Laura Matsuda and a student of the Ansatsuken style. He tries to be like Ken Masters and even calls himself Ken’s student, but his master doesn’t acknowledge him. 

Sean is pretty strong, but when placed beside the other characters in the game, he doesn’t do so well. He was even beaten in a martial arts tournament he entered to try and impress Ken. Even though it looked like he won, it was later revealed that he was hallucinating and had lost in the earlier rounds. Ken won the tournament to avenge his ‘student.’


Dan is the poster child of joke characters in a game. Dan first appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha series. He is the progenitor of the ‘Saikyo’ fighting style which is more like a rip-off of the Ansatsuken style. 

Dan’s dad might have been pretty strong (he’s the one who took out Sagat’s eye) Dan doesn’t seem to have inherited this strength. He can’t throw a hadoken properly, and tends to enter battle feeling overconfident and cocky only for him to be taken down easily by the opponent. 

To his credit, Sakura did learn a bit from him, but she has long since surpassed him as a fighter. 

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