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Street Fighter 5: E Honda Guide - Combos and Move List

Street Fighter 5: E Honda Guide - Combos and Move List

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Bring authentic sumo style into your SFV matches

One of the primary features of the original Street Fighter games is combining various styles of martial arts in one playing experience. We have here characters from all over the world - and of course, the Japanese company Capcom added a master of sumo. He is big and mighty. And he will be a decent opponent for all the other SFV characters if you take your time and learn the moves and attacks of E. Honda.

A different Japanese tradition is present in the Street Fighter series thanks to Eternal Wanderer Ryu. Also, the game has a Japanese girl - Sakura.

Supreme Sumo

Edmond Honda has a great mission - he wants to popularize Sumo in other countries. He knows that many fighters may kind of disrespect sumo wrestlers, so he decided to join the World Warrior tournament and prove to everyone the real power of sumo. And also, this guy wants to prove his personal fighting skills and become the best sumo wrestler of all time.

Another passion of E. Honda is his Sentō bathhouse. He even grew in a large bathhouse, so now he has combined these two Japanese traditions and opened a sumo ring in a public bath - take a look at the stage of E. Honda!

Street Fighter E Honda

For the first time, the fighting games community met E. Honda in Street Fighter II. He was brought here with the intention to demonstrate the power of sumo. 

Then we saw him in other installments of the Street Fighter series - in Alpha 2 and 3. Shadaloo managed to distract E. Honda from his primary goal by selling drugs to sumo wrestlers. Edmond wants to clear his beloved tradition for all the dirt, so he destroys a Shadaloo base together with Zangief. Also, E. Honda tries to help the dolls of M. Bison and invites them to stay in his Sentō.

E. Honda is a playable character in Street Fighter IV. Here he has almost reached the official promotion to Yokozuna, a very high level in sumo.

In Street Fighter V, E. Honda reopens his bathhouse. This character was added with Season 4, so you can get him only in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

E. Honda Street Fighter 5

This fighter is obviously very heavy, so the speed of his movements is rather limited. An advantage of the guy is his amazing strength.

E. Honda moves are strongly based on sumo. Still, the developers allowed themselves to add some new attacks to the traditions of this wrestling. Moreover, they gave E. Honda some prohibited attacks - he would be banned from an official sum tournament.

Basic attacks - E. Honda SFV

  • Light Punch is a quick hit with the left hand. Surprisingly, it covers quite a big distance. In the crouching position, E. Honda takes a traditional sumo posture. Jumping Light Punch is a hit from above.
  • Medium Punch is a bit slower than the Light One, but E. Honda uses his right hand and thus deals a bigger damage. Crouching Medium Punch is an attack with both hands. Jumping Medium Punch is very similar to the Light one
  • Heavy Punch - it’s a powerful hit with the left hand, a bit from above in the standing position, and rather straight for Crouching Heavy Punch. Use it in jump to deliver a very strong hit from above. 
  • Light Kick has a small range but very high speed. It hits low from both standing and crouching positions. If jumping, E. Honda spins in the air before hitting.
  • Medium Kick is a knee attack. Crouching Medium Kick is a low hit, similar to Light Kick but stronger. Jumping Medium Kick is a straight hit.
  • Heavy Kick - it’s a double hit with the right knee and foot. From the crouching position, E. Honda makes a dangerous swipe. If the fighter jumps, Heavy Kick becomes a powerful hit with a straight leg.

Throws of SFV E. Honda

  • Saba-Ori - press forward (or stay in the neutral position) with Light Punch and Kick. E. Honda grabs the opponent, squeezes them twice and then throws them onto the ground.
  • Tawara Throw - press backward (or stay in neutral position) with Light Punch and Kick. It’s a traditional back throw.

Unique attacks - E. Honda Street Fighter moves

  • Harai-Geri - press forward with Heavy Kick. It’s a strong low hit with the left foot.
  • Chikara-Ashi - press diagonally forward and down with Heavy Kick. E. Honda performs a traditional sumo stomp.
  • Flying Sumo Press - while jumping, press down with Medium Kick. The sumo wrestler slams the opponent with the whole body.
  • Tokoshizume - press Medium Punch and then perform Chikara-Ashi. It’s a hit with both hands and then the sumo stomp.
  • Tsurane Harite - press Light Punch and then Medium Punch. It’s one of the simple E. Honda combos. The fighter performs these basic attacks quickly one after another.
  • Hirate - perform Tsurane Harite and then press Medium Punch/Kick. It’s a combo of Light / Medium Punch and Neko Damashi (slap with two hands).

E. Honda SF5 - Special moves

  • Hundred Hand Slap - repeatedly press any Punch. This really is a lot of slaps with both hands.
  • Sumo Headbutt - charge backward and press forward with any Punch. Honda shoots his straight body at the opponent.
  • Sumo Smash - charge down and press up with any Kick. the fighter jumps and then smashes the victim.
  • Oicho Throw - while standing near the opponent, make a half-circle movement with the stick (down and backward) and press any Punch. E. Honda grabs the opponent, throws them onto the ground, and then smashes them with the whole body.
  • Oni-Daikaku - press Heavy Punch and Kick. E. Honda shoots himself at the opponent.
  • Oni-Muso - press Heavy Punch with Kick and then repeat. E. Honda performs Oni-Daikaku and then makes two additional hits.
  • Iwato Biraki - press Heavy Punch and Kick. E Honda grabs the opponent and throws them forward.

V-System - Street Fighter E. Honda moves

  • V-Skill I - Neko Damashi. Press Medium Punch and Kick. It’s a kind of slap with both hands.
  • V-Skill II - Sumo Spirit. Press Medium Punch and Kick. E. Honda fills himself with the sumo power. Then it changes the Special Move Hundred Hand Slap.
  • V-Trigger I - Onigawara. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. The body of E. Honda is surrounded with energy streams.
  • V-Trigger II - Tajikarao. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. E. Honda summons mystic energy.
  • V-Reversal - Raiden-Ho. While guarding, press forward and three Punches. E. Honda makes a power counter strike with the left hand.

Critical Art of E. Honda SFV

  • Kamigashima - it’s a combination of traditional sumo stomp (Chikara-Ashi) and multiple slaps (Hundred Hand Slap).

E. Honda Combos in SFV

The Sumo wrestler is a beginner-friendly character with good potential for landing damaging combos. His weakness is slow speed, and you should learn proper positioning for starting an effective attack.

Many of Honda’s combos start with Light Kick and Light Punch. For example:

  • Crouching Light Kick -> Crouching Light Punch -> Sumo Headbutt (with MP)
  • Crouching Light Kick -> Crouching Light Punch -> Hundred Hand Slap (MP or HP)
  • Light Punch -> Medium Punch -> Sumo Headbutt (MP)
  • Light Punch -> Medium Punch -> Hundred Hand Slap (MP or HP)
  • Light Kick -> Light Kick -> Sumo Headbutt (MP)
  • Jumping Light Kick -> Crouching Light Kick -> Crouching Light Punch -> Sumo Headbutt (MP)
  • Crouching Light Punch -> EX Hundred Hand Slap (pressing forward) -> Couching Light Punch -> Hundred Hand Slap (HP) -> Heavy Kick

Medium Punch and Kick can be followed by Light attacks.

  • Medium Punch -> Light Punch -> Sumo Headbutt (MP)
  • Medium Punch -> Medium Punch ->  Hundred Hand Slap (HP)
  • Crouching Medium Punch -> Light Kick -> Sumo Headbutt (MP)
  • Medium Kick -> Light Punch -> Hundred Hand Slap (HP)
  • Medium Kick -> Medium Punch
  • Medium Kick -> Crouching Heavy Kick
  • Crouching Medium Kick -> Light Kick -> Sumo Headbutt (MP)
  • Crouching Medium Kick -> Hundred Hand Slap (HP) -> Heavy Kick

You can try and use Heavy attacks as combo starters.

  • Crouching Heavy Punch -> Light Kick -> Sumo Headbutt (MP)
  • Heavy Kick -> Medium Punch -> Hundred Hand Slap (HP)
  • Heavy Kick -> Light Punch -> Neko Damashi / Sumo Spirit
  • Heavy Punch (stand close) -> Crouching Light Punch -> EX Sumo Headbut

V-Skills can be added to many of these combos — it is worth training and experimenting with them. Also, V-Trigger I, Onigawara, is good for completing your combos after the neutral attacks.

Street Fighter V — E. Honda Combos

E. Honda doesn’t have a big variety of moves and attacks (as Seth has, for example), but this doesn’t mean the character is super easy. Some precise actions are needed to deliver those mighty hits and use the full power of this sumo wrestler. No guide can teach this! Only your dedicated practice in many SFV game modes will do the thing. And you know what? It’s the most exciting thing about fighting games and gaming in general - you practice and have fun playing at the same time!

Traditional atmosphere around E. Honda is so beautiful, it really conveys a bit of the Japanese culture. And you can add something fresh into it thanks to various Street Fighter costumes of different colors.

DashFight is here to help you guys with all the aspects of Street Fighter 5 and other fighting games - and to make your experience with this genre even more cheerful. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Join our Discord community!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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