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Street Fighter 5: M Bison Guide - Combos and Move List

Street Fighter 5: M Bison Guide - Combos and Move List

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Let the evil powers of the Shadaloo leader bring you many SFV victories (and a lot of gaming fun!)

It seems like everyone loves praising game heroes. But who are they without great villains? Without Robotnik, Sonic becomes just a hedgehog. Without Bowser, Mario is just a plumber. Street Fighter V would also lose a significant part of its excitement if there were no decent bad guys who all the time invent new motivations for good ones to move forward and become even better. M. Bison is just a perfect villain for such a role!

Would you like to master the powerful leader of Shadaloo? Then take a look at this SFV guide on DashFight! Here we explain his exceptionally glorious (who knows, maybe M. Bison is reading this) personality and moves list.

Street Fighter 5 M. Bison

Take a look at the appearance of this SF5 fighter and you will get a lot from his personality. M. Bison looks like a military dictator who is ready for everything only to get world domination.

In the virtual universe of Street Fighter, M. Bison has built the criminal organization Shadaloo. He uses it to take control of the governments all over the world and rule the whole planet while staying in shadow. Other activities of Shadaloo include weapon and drug trading - probably to have some extra cash.

Some of the Street Fighter characters are supporters of M. Bison - for example, F.A.N.G., Balrog, and Vega. Still, many other fighters battle against Shadalo and even have a personal war against M. Bison. Guile and Chun-Li want to avenge the death of a friend and the further respectively. Once, M. Bison offered Ryu to become a part of his army, but the guy refused.

The strength of M. Bison comes from the evil energy Psycho Power (Ryu and Ken use Hadou). Psycho Power is very dangerous, so Bison decided to prepare a new body for himself, which even became a game fighter too - Cammy. The girl grew independent and also started fighting against M. Bison.

Of course, the best way to discover all the shades of M. Bison’s background and his relationships with other characters is playing games of the Street Fighter series!

Emperor of Evil - M. Bison in Street Fighter 5

For the first time, players fought M. Bison in arguably the best SF game ever - Street Fighter II (where he performed his well-known M. Bison Scissor Kick). First, he was only a boss but then was added to the playable roster in the Champion Edition. In that game, M. Bison was defeated by a secret hero, Akuma.

M. Bison was available in the games of the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series. In Street Fighter IV, he controlled the main antagonist - Seth. Street Fighter 5 Bison is both an evil boss and a playable character. He is available in the game after the initial release, so you get him with both SFV Arcade and Champion Editions.

Street Fighter V Basic attacks of M. Bison

  • Light Punch is a very quick hit with the left hand that deals a small amount of damage.
  • Medium Punch - from the crouching position, this attack often starts SF5 Bison combos. The hit is strong and covers a big distance. Standing Medium Punch and jumping Medium Punch change the attacking hand - they are good for pressuring the opponent.
  • Heavy Punch - it’s a powerful uppercut from the crouching position. Standing Heavy Punch is surprisingly quick
  • Light Kick is very fast from the crouching and standing positions. Jumping Light Kick takes a bit more time to perform.
  • Medium Kick has a good range. Use it to keep the opponent at a medium distance.
  • Heavy Kick - from the crouching position, M. Bison slides very far and hits the opponent very low. Standing Heavy Kick is a knee hit and it’s one of the most effective attacks for a neutral game.

Unique attacks - basic M. Bison combos

  • Hell Attack - while jumping, press Medium Punch two times
  • Psycho Axe - press diagonally forward and down with Heavy Punch
  • Shadow Axe - press Medium Punch and then perform Psycho Axe

Special moves of M. Bison in SF5

  • Psycho Blast - press backward/forward and any Punch
  • Double Knee Press - press backward/forward and any Kick
  • Head Press - press down/up and any Kick
  • Somersault Skull Diver - press any Punch after performing Head Press
  • Devil Reverse - press any Punch before performing Head Press
  • Psycho Inferno - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and backward) and press any Punch
  • Psycho Charge - make a half-circle movement with the stick (down and backward) and press any Kick
  • Psycho Judgement - make a half-circle movement with the stick (down and backward) and press any Kick after the attack Psycho Charge hits the opponent
  • Psycho Crusher - press Heavy Punch and Kick

V-System - SFV M. Bison

  • V-Skill I - Psycho Reflect. Press Medium Punch and Kick
  • V-Skill I - Psycho Punishment. Press Medium Punch and Kick after successfully performing Psycho Reflect
  • V-Skill II - Hell's Warp. Press Medium Punch and Kick 
  • V-Trigger I - Psycho Power. Press Heavy Punch and Kick 
  • V-Trigger II - Psycho Nightmare. Press Heavy Punch and Kick 
  • V-Reversal - Psycho Burst. Press forward and three Punches

Street Fighter 5 - Critical Art of M. Bison

  • Ultimate Psycho Crusher - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and forward) twice and press any Punch

SF5 Bison is quite a mighty fighter, so you definitely can get many victories with him. Still, only regular practice will help use the full potential of this might. Take M. Bison to many Street Fighter 5 game modes to improve your skills. Watch professional SF5 esports events to learn some interesting tricks.

Would you like to play M. Bison in a fancy outfit? Then take a look at our article about costumes and colors in Street Fighter V.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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