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Lucia is a police officer who is passionate about her job. She is both a danger to crime and her guests' stomachs since she does not know how to cook.Know more

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Lucia is a young police officer who fought crime in general and the Mad Gear gang in Metro City. In this capacity, she crossed paths with Cody several times. First time as a suspect in a crime, and the second time, already reformed, as the mayor of the city

Her mood is influenced by both a successful day at work and delicious noodles at home. During the preparation of this dish, her colleague Mike Haggar knocked on her house door and asked to help him in the fight against crime.

This character, according to her story, was quite prone to spontaneous decisions. So, she mocked Abigail during a search of his house. The police actually destroyed this structure, and it was later revealed that Abigail was innocent.

On the other hand, she pays considerable attention to witnesses' testimony and does not like to rush. She is also merciful and forgiving her old enemies.

First Appearance: Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, January 2018


  • Mad Gear gang
  • M.Bison

Allies & Family

  • Mike Haggar, colleague
  • Cody, forgiven enemy
  • Poison, friend