• Saul Leonardo Mena II
  • Dominican Republic

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Saul Leonardo "MenaRD" Mena II is a Birdie and Sakura main with Abigail and Seth secondaries, professional Street Fighter player from the Dominican Republic who represents Bandits.

MenaRD got into fighting games thanks to his brother who was a fan of fighting games and would constantly play with MenaRD. He used to hang out in what their local scene called a "dojo", a small room with a few setups where they would gather to play fighting games and hope that electricity doesn't cut out mid-set.  

Despite the difficulty of travel, MenaRD managed to start competing in tournaments outside of the Dominican Republic. In his first major tournament, Northeast Championship 17, he came 2nd while beating such players as Justin Wong and NuckleDu.

Good and consistent performance earned him a spot in Capcom Cup 2017 where he defeated some of the best Street Fighter players, like Kazunoko, Daigo, and Tokido to earn 1st prize. MenaRD ended up investing the $250,000 back into his local FGC. Improving the "dojo" and making it easier for players to travel overboard and compete. 

Some of his other achievements include winning Kumite in Tennessee 2018, Texas Showdown 2018, and a Top 4 finish at EVO 2021 Online - SFV LATAM Central.

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