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Street Fighter 6

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Last updated :Jul 24, 2023
Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6


A strong greco-roman warrior and Jewelry designer from Italy. She pursues the world title and is not afraid to fight anyone for it, respecting those who put up a worthy fight.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 8

  • Defense: 7

  • Range: 6

  • Complexity: 4

  • Movement: 4


Patch Notes


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Marisa’s Greek military ancestry and her upbringing in the heart of Italy led her to enjoy the stories of fabled warriors in the halls of the Colosseum. Although she is a jewelry designer by trade, Marisa is no stranger to the thrill of the fight, and like many in the world, she seeks glory through power, all with a touch of elegance.


Marisa may seem brutish, with her fighting style harkening back to the wrestlers of the ancient era, which would undoubtedly present that. But she is much more than that. Her love of the world's fine arts, as well as her unwavering sportsmanship and seeking of challengers, leads her to establish excellent relations with would-be opponents.


Marisa’s stature and build lean well to slow, purposeful approaches with her long-reaching strikes. Adopting her greco-roman style of fighting. Once she closes the gap to her opponents, she can apply pressure and rush them down to the corner. She has strong defensive options, too, if they attempt to escape by matching her aggression on the stage.


Marisa is a very tall and robust combatant. She towers over most opponents in her Greek-and-Roman-inspired outfit, featuring a striking gold-plated collar, likely of her own design. Her bright pink short hair is styled as a helmet, flowing from the sides and top.

Key Information

Birthdate: September 26th

Birthplace: Italy

Height: 6'8” (203 cm)

Weight: 269lbs (122kg)

Eye Color: Bronze

Hair Color: Hot Pink

Fighting Style: Greco-Roman Wrestling

Occupation: Jewelry designer

Debut Game: Street Fighter 6

Availability: Base game