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Street Fighter 6

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Last updated :Jul 24, 2023
Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6


This girl has a dark, evil personality, which might be a result of her childhood trauma. Juri gets cruel tasks and experiences sincere joy torturing her victims. With such a mindset and great fighting skills, she is immensely dangerous. Would you take her explosive spirit to SF6 matches?Know more

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Character abilities

  • Offense: 9

  • Defense: 4

  • Range: 5

  • Complexity: 8

  • Movement: 6

Patch Notes


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The life of Juri had a tragic start. Her father was a lawyer, and he worked with criminal organizations. The job was dangerous for sure, but when the man took the case of Shadaloo — oh, it became just deadly. The whole family was kidnapped by M. Bison’s minions. Juri’s parents were murdered. The girl lost her left eye.

Such a trauma certainly affected her personality. The pain grew into a big dark tree, covered with leaves of sadism, evil intentions, and just bare brutality. Juri might get that eye fixed with some modern technology, but fixing her personality feels to be impossible at this point.

She started working for the villains then. Her eye was replaced with the device Feng Shui Engine, and Juri actively used it to kill her victims. While testing this thing, she started an awful mayhem. Chun-Li tried to stop Juri — with little success, though. Only technical issues with the eye saved Chun-Li in that situation.

Another mission for Juri was to capture all the Dolls, assassin girls of M. Bison. That was a task from Seth, and Juri completed it perfectly, with no hesitation. Still, Cammy and Guile interfered and annoyed Juri a bit. But she did not care too much, preferring to watch into the future, and specifically, into the future troubles she could create.

A bit later, Juri found another way to demonstrate her fighting skills and cause pain to people. She participated in a tournament — it’s quite doubtful she played by the rules. Juri fought Cammy and Chun-Li at one such event. But then it became clear that her plans were significantly trickier. She proved herself to be more than just a servant to Seth. In fact, Juri tried to ignite the conflict between S.I.N. and Shadaloo. Was it her revenge?

Defeating M. Bison was not that easy, though. In a fight, Bison destroyed the artificial eye, and Juri had to retreat. She found a replacement and battled some Shadaloo guys. Such adventures finally helped Juri find a friend. The mission of destroying Shadaloo united her with Kolin

In Street Fighter 6, Juri has another challenge to face. There is no M. Bison, and therefore there is no avenge that was a life purpose for the girl. The dark intentions are still strong; they just need to find a new direction.


It feels like that tragedy of Jury’s early years totally burnt out everything good and kind in her internal world. Only sadistic tendencies remained. Juri dreams of avenge, and when it’s over, she needs some other ways to satisfy her violent nature.

In fights, Juri is very aggressive. She easily loses control over her negative emotions — but she knows how to use this for her advantage. Explosive attacks often leave victims no chance. Juri doesn’t have any noble intentions. Making someone suffer is pure joy for her.

Only on rare occasions does she demonstrate compassion. It happens strictly to children. May this be a promising sign?


The aggressiveness of Juri is nicely reflected in her fighting style. She has unpredictable projectiles to hit opponents from a distance. And then she can quickly come closer and continue the pressure.

Juri is a master of kicks, which is good for mixing up and finding an opening. The combo game of Juri is quite powerful. Even for her anti-air moves, Juri uses special kicks.

To succeed with this character, use her as a rushdown.


Juri is the first Korean girl in Street Fighter. Her hair is black, and she has a very distinguished hairstyle. Her feature style is filled with black and pink (with somewhat purple shades).

Thanks to her fighting practice, Juri is fit, very flexible, and just full of energy. Still, her appearance is somewhat unsettling — due to her facial expression and the artificial eye.

Key Information

Birthdate:  January 1

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 5'5" / 165 cm

Weight: 126 lbs / 57 kg

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Black

Fighting StyleTaekwondo, ki attacks

OccupationS.I.N. leader

Debut Game: Super Street Fighter IV

Availability: Base Game