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Street Fighter V
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Born in November 1960, E Honda is a veteran sumo wrestler that seeks to establish himself as a world-class athlete.Know more


No one has proved their kung fu is stronger yet

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Edmond Honda, most commonly known as E. Honda is a sumo wrestler from Japan who aspired to find more vigorous opponents abroad. While doing so, he comes across a Shadaloo base and helps Zangief destroy it.

As E. Honda continued to travel the world. He joined the second World Warrior tournament in an attempt to make others respect the art of Sumo. And to find more information about Shadaloo, who had been supplying sumo wrestlers with harmful biochemical drugs.

Soon after the fall of Shadaloo, he returns to Japan, where he joins another event to continue chasing international recognition. In the tournament, he meets up with old acquaintances Hakan and El Fuerte.


First Appearance: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, March 1991