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Character abilities

  • Defense: 5

  • Dexterity: 8

  • Speed: 5

  • Strength: 4




Predicting catastrophe is difficult. Preparing for one without being labeled insane even more so. Thus, when the gods tasked Loki with sealing away a dangerous substance using his controversial dimensional magic, he felt his brilliance was finally being acknowledged.

Though being imprisoned in his research might infuriate some, Loki considers it a point of pride that it only took him 4214 years to escape. In his absence, the denizens of Valhalla have not been kind in their writings and whispers about the so-called God of Schemes, though Loki prefers the term "Strategy."

The bards sing of how he supposedly cheated 12 demigods out of their elemental plans during the annual Pantheon poker night. Loki denies any deception, crediting patience and observance. The scholars tell of his infusion of heroes and beasts with condemned titan blood. The "R.A.G Research," Loki promises, will yield worthwhile results. The secretaries murmur about how he evaded Heimdall's wrath after stealing the Gjallarhorn by rearranging the realm bridges with portals, an act Loki admits was enjoyable mischief.

But despite his supposed misdeeds, Loki willingly returns to Terminus when not gathering data in the Grand Tournament or tinkering on personal projects in the forgotten Brawlcade. There, away from prying eyes, he continues honing his skills and knowledge, confident the ends will justify the means.


Loki favors the scythe and katars as his weapons of choice in battle. The scythe allows him to keep opponents at a distance with wide swinging arcs and deadly slashes, while the katars are ideal for swift, close-quarters combat. Loki utilizes the scythe's long reach and the katars' rapid strikes in tandem to control the flow of battle. He excels at mixing up his timing and alternating between ranged attacks with the scythe and quick flurries of katar swipes up close.

The combination of the scythe and katars in Loki's arsenal provides dynamic offensive capabilities. These two weapons complement each other, with one specialized for ranged combat and the other for rapid melee attacks. Loki is adept at transitioning fluidly between the varied attacking styles of his scythe and katars to keep foes off balance. His mastery of long-distance and close-up fighting makes him a highly adaptable fighter.

Key Information:

Primary Weapon: Katars
Secondary Weapon: Scythe
Cost in the Store: 5,400
Bot Name: Faux-ki
Brawlhalla Introduction: September 28, 2023

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